Macquarie University 2014: What are we celebrating?

Words by Ben Nour Named after the early colonial Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, Macquarie University was opened to students on 6th of March, 1967. In its...

The Truth Behind Your Degree

Words | Raelee Lancaster A recent survey has found that university students will likely be unemployed for four months after they graduate. Studies have shown...

The Purpose of Our Taxes: A final budget analysis

Words by Alexander Read **Disclaimer: Alexander Read is a member of the Macquarie University Greens Party and a Student Representative on the Academic Senate. In an...

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Challenge: Reading Old Diaries

Words || Harry Fraser Greetings readers, this is Harry Fraser, the Regulars Editor for Grapeshot. Welcome to the challenge,...

Pop Culture Rewind: Glee

Words || Elizabeth Laughton Isolation means I’m saving close to two hours a day in travel time to uni...

You Are Here: Cherrybrook

Words || Madi Scott Self-isolating in Cherrybrook makes you realise just how small the suburb really is.