Grapeshot Magazine reaches nearly 40,000 postgraduate and undergraduate students, and the Grapeshot Team is always interested to hear from advertisers with offerings targeted at this demographic.

External and internal advertisers can utilise our advertising space to promote events, discounts or offers which would be of key interest to students.

All advertisements in Grapeshot Magazine are offered in full colour and can feature as quarter, half and full A4 pages. Advertisements in Grapeshot News will be in black and white and can be quarter or half A4 pages. Different locations and sizes vary in prices. It is up to advertisers to send us the correct file specifications and by deadline.

As Grapeshot Magazine is University-funded, we can only accept advertising which is not in conflict with existing businesses on campus. Further information about these advertising restrictions can be found in the Advertising Information Booklet below. Please email us to clarify if you are unsure how this might apply to you.

The main focus of both Grapeshot magazine and Grapeshot Online is student-generated content and we have limited space for advertising. Our policy is first in, first serve and please know that the advertising spaces for 2014 are filling up quickly. To ensure your place in Grapeshot, it is best to book ahead.

If you are interested in running a promotion, giveaway, or sponsorship with the magazine, please contact Grapeshot Advertising for details.

ph:  02 9850 7605

For information on pricing or for booking forms, please contact us via email.

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