Grapeshot is Macquarie University’s Student Publication. We produce content made by students for students. Students from all Macquarie campuses contribute written pieces, works of art, videos, music, poetry and photographs to be published either in Grapeshot, the magazine, or Grapeshot Online.

The magazine has a number of regular article formats that cover a vast variety of fun and informative topics. Pop Culture Rewind unpacks a trend or element of pop culture and its relevance while I Don’t Get It breaks down often complex or confusing ideas and practices. Out of Your Comfort Zone gives recommendations for new activities to try or events to attend. Writing on the Wall and You are Here are both opportunities to vent about anything important to you, or the suburb you live in, for the latter. Finally, The Challenge gently pressures our Regulars’ section editor to complete a difficult or reflective task relating to each issue’s theme. We also try to mix it up with our horoscopes and reviews of books, television shows, movies and more.

Our News section is where our hard-hitting journos go around campus and find out what is important to you! You may sometimes see our team around campus chatting with students or you can find us working away in the office to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

Lastly, we have a number of feature articles written by a mix of students from all academic backgrounds. It covers business, science, politics, culture, sex, love, travel and more, from the perspective of our campuses. These can be either non-fiction articles or creative writing pieces. It’s up to you.

What does this mean for you though? It means, if you want to see something in the magazine, the newspaper or the website, then you can write it, draw it, photograph it, film it and send it to us. We’re always looking for new contributors, materials, ideas and points of view. In this way, we are all responsible for shaping the direction of Grapeshot publications.

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