Word’s to my Lover’s Wife


Words || Anonymous

When the first drop of rain hits the soil
And the smell of dust, dirt, and despair fills the air,
All you might think about is
How could I even dare?

His subtle gaze, his smooth touch;
Perhaps I am asking for too much.
You savour him in sunlight,
And I steal him in moonlight.

He thinks of me when he kisses your lips
And I have to pretend it is all a bliss.
When he tells me you make his mind a mess,
I truly believe that I am not less.

He comes to me with your smell
But showers and leaves, so you cannot tell.
He runs his fingers across my shoulder,
But holds on to you when the weather gets colder.

I have to remind him to hush his tone
I bet you cannot even make him moan.
But he is always gone when I open my eyes,
And always there for you, despite my cries.

He tells me he does not love you,
But even you know he is lying too.
Because even if he keeps asking for time,
We both know he will never be mine.