But How Does the Clitoris Actually Work? Ladies, We Need To Talk: Podcast Review


Words || Aylish Dowsett

There are a lot of things we don’t like to talk about. Often, we’re too afraid, embarrassed, or concerned about how people will react. Our secrets stay as secrets, and tricky questions get left unanswered. But what if there was a podcast that dived headfirst into the gooey, complicated realm that is our lives?

Ladies, We Need To Talk is an ABC podcast that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. Described as a podcast “for women, by women,” everything is up for discussion including foreplay, body image, discharge, alcohol, abortion and our insane obsession with youth.  

I’ve been listening to Ladies since it released its first episode ‘You say Vulva, I Say Vagina’ in 2017. And since then, I have learnt so much. Yumi Stynes hosts the show and, whilst being hilarious, is able to approach sensitive topics in a knowledgeable, kind way. 

Yumi talks to experts and everyday women to find the answers to our burning questions. 

Want to know how the clitoris actually works? Listen to ‘Clitoris 101.’ Worried you’ve moved too fast with a partner you met during COVID? ‘Coronavirus – Are We Panic Buying Partners?’ is your go to. All the episodes are amazing, but some of my favourites have been ‘Being Single and Owning It,’ ‘The Answer’s No,’ ‘The Gender Beauty Gap,’ ‘Footloose and Childfree,’ and ’50-Shades of Erotic Literature’ (you’ll definitely want to listen to this one).

Even though the podcast is designed for women, many men would benefit from listening to the show. In particular I’d check out ‘Foreplay – Getting What You Want,’ and ‘Closing the Orgasm Gap.’ Trust me – you’ll learn so much. 

Ladies, We Need To Talk will finally get you chatting about all the uncomfortable, squishy aspects of womanhood. I absolutely love podcasts and if you’re yet to try them, you should. I’m still shocked that the clitoris isn’t just a small nub but is actually a huge sexual organ inside you (google it, it’s insane). So sit back, relax and fill your ears with knowledge – you won’t regret it. 

Listen to Ladies, We Need To Talk for free on the ABC listen app, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.