Ziyan Tejani- Faculty Board (Faculty of Arts) Candidate


Hi Macquarie Uni Students and friends,

My name is Ziyan Tejani, I’m running for the Faculty of Arts Board Representative.

A lot of you know me already but for those who don’t I’m President of the Politics Society, an executive in the Law Society, and a Law/Politics student. I’m standing for election for the Arts Faculty Board this year because I’m passionate about promoting transparency, improving the quality of our education and bettering student outcomes.

I chose to study at Macquarie due to the diverse range of subjects I could study as part of my degree. However, by cutting courses and not fully informing us about their plans, the University has shown that this is now under threat.

As your Arts representative, I will work hard to:

  • Push for immediate transparency on which units, majors and degrees are being cut
  • Hold those in charge who care more about unnecessary new buildings than the quality of our education and faculty accountable
  • Fight for more cross-institutional study options so that students have access to a broader range of options.

I will be running on the All1ance ticket and wholeheartedly recommend that you all vote for all my friends in the relevant faculties so that we can work together on your behalf:

Disclaimer: Grapeshot does not endorse any singular candidate