Rosario Musmeci- Academic Senate Candidate


Born Italian, grown European, and currently living as an international student in Sydney. I have a background in Business Administration, with a focus on Management and Project funding. I am currently studying for a double master’s degree in International Business and International Relations. I strongly believe in kindness and empowerment, in bottom-up and democratic leadership. My cross-culture motivated me in sustaining the power of diversity, sacrifice, and sustainability. My mantra is “I know to not know”. Living on a small island, close to a volcano, shaped me as a lover of hiking to dream higher and swimming to go deeper. I proposed for the international cohort, to support and represent each member of the international community. As a proactive postgraduate student, I experienced the same challenges of everyone, work/study balance, isolation, uncertainty, the cultural shock and the ‘out of the comfort zone’ effect.

Feel free to reach me and have a conversation with me!

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