Out of Your Comfort Zone: Easy Ways To Make Cash Online (Without Selling a Kidney)


Words || Gabby Edwards

In the midst of an economic crisis, with some of the highest unemployment rates Australia has seen, making money has never felt more important. Do I have a long-term solution to any of these problems? Of course not. Instead, I’ve sat back and observed as many of my friends adopt random, sometimes questionable, methods to make a quick buck.

Being the selfless person I am, I’ve collated some of the dumb, semi-reliable ways you can supposedly make a few dollars online for you to try out for yourself. I, of course, hold myself NOT legally responsible for any excess time or energy you spend on any of these endeavours. But by all means, please give them a shot xx


This is definitely one of the most common ways to gain back at least a little of the money you spent on all those unused items in your wardrobe. Selling your unwanted clothes and accessories via a vendor such as Depop is so easy, pretty much all of your Instagram followers are doing it. Additionally, the popularisation of this form of online thrifting has been deemed as a step away from fast fashion. So, the next time you want to feel a little more ethically sound AND get some money, here’s the perfect solution.

Online Surveys

Bear with me here, I was skeptical too. But turns out this method may actually yield some results. Don’t get me wrong, secondhand reports tell me the process can be lengthy and for minimal pay. Not to mention the website you’re using might not be legitimate at all, meaning you could come away with nothing. But regardless, if you’re a lowkey questionnaire fiend like me, this is a task you might actually enjoy! And hey, maybe one day it can be you in that suspicious pop-up ad boasting about making $500 a day from home. And isn’t that just what the American dream is all about.

Online Transcribing

This is definitely one of the more involved methods, as depending on what website you find, you might have to go through trial and approval stages. And of course, there’s actually work involved. Gross, I know. Though, once you’re set, this is definitely one of the more reliable options out there for you to try and maintain. Sorry for the lack of jokes for this one, I’m just desperate for someone to try it out and get back to me. Please!

Sell Stock Photos

Ever taken such a quality photo that you’ve sat back and thought, “Wow, wouldn’t this look good with a watermark!” Well, here’s your chance. Selling your photos to a stock photo agency for a profit has become an increasingly common tool used by professional and amateur photographers. It might take a bit of research to find the best agency, but isn’t it worth it to one day have your photo used in a high school student’s PowerPoint?

Starting an Etsy Store

Oh, I thought I saw you panic buying at Spotlight the other day. Do you also want to put all that excess wool and thread you bought during iso to good use? Look no further than starting your own Etsy store, where you can sell your quality, hand-crafted goods for (hopefully) a profit. While starting your own side-hustle may not be the easiest way to quickly earn money, at least you’ll have fun doing it! 

Selling Feet Pics

Next time someone slides into your DMs with the age-old question, name a price and then bam you’re set. I mean, isn’t it everyone’s dream to be #1 on Wikifeet one day? You gotta get out there to be discovered!

And there you have it! My precarious list on how to quickly make some money online for minimal effort. Please follow along at your own risk and have fun as you begin your journey to self-made billionaire in no time. Enjoy!