Kailee Cross- Academic Senate Candidate


My name is Kailee Cross and I’m running for Academic Senate. I’m passionate about making Macquarie University a place that you never want to leave. I also know that balancing a Masters or a PHD with the rest of our lives isn’t easy.

In running for Academic Senate, I want to:

  • Improve online and external education to provide students with more opportunities to study at a high quality level.
  • Provide students with the ability to undertake cross-institutional study to ensure that they can continue and complete their degree how they want.
  • Create strong networks and partnerships with industry-leading companies to allow students to undertake professional internship opportunities.

Having done my undergraduate law degree with Macquarie, I have seen firsthand the difficulties that students of the university may be facing as they complete their studies. This year has been a roller coaster for the best of students, and we need our university to help support our education and academic careers more now than ever. I want to bring all of the issues that students find impacting on their lives and studies to the Academic Senate. My aim is to improve upon University outcomes as a result of students feeling better supported in their learning. Now as a postgraduate research student, I am in a unique position of insight into some of the vast opportunities that are possible during our time at Macquarie. I want to inspire students and provide them with the best learning experience they can possibly get.

Students are understandably concerned about the continuity of their degrees, and future graduate prospects. The objectives of my Academic Senate campaign aim to alleviate these concerns.  Improving external learning will ensure students are supported in online learning. This may encourage more students to take online or external units of study to better suit their lives. Facilitating means and support to undertake cross-institutional units of study will ensure students are able to choose how they complete their degree in line with their interests. Creating strong affiliate relationships between global partners and industry leading companies will provide students with the opportunity to undertake internships, giving them indispensable career experience and skills.  

If you are a postgraduate research student, I encourage you to voice your concerns to me personally so that I can help act on them and support you as students in your continuing education.

Email: kailee.cross@hdr.mq.edu.au

I will be running on the All1ance ticket, and would greatly appreciate you voting for my fellow candidates if you are not a postgraduate research student. Thanks for supporting my fellow candidates and I to bring you the best university experience possible!

Please note that voting has officially opened, and will close on 4 November.

This post has been approved by the Returning Officer. Approval Number: 2020SF041

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