Hamid Yahyaei- Academic Senate Candidate


Hamid is a passionate Macquarie University alumnus and current research candidate in Applied Finance. He has spent eight years at Macquarie, having served as a ‘First STEP’ mentor, President of the Business Alliance for Student Engagement (BASE), and a team leader for Macquarie University Mentors. He has helped hundreds of students settle into university life.

Hamid is an advocate for a fair and equitable university experience and believes the student body has a right to the highest quality education. His enthusiasm for learning, his experience in dealing with student-faculty matters, and his unparalleled dedication to the student body have fuelled his desire to run for the Academic Senate and MQBS Faculty Board in 2021.

If elected, his first plan of action is to promote cross-disciplinary communication among students to expand their learning. He would be honoured representing your voice and promoting the university experience you deserve.

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