Your 2020 Study Plan


Words | Steph McCarthy-Reece

For the past year I’ve worked as a student advisor at the uni and my favourite question has always been “can you recommend me some units?” I sure can. I’ve spent hours upon hours on the 2020 handbook and it’s only been up for a couple of months. I dream in unit codes. 

And although the fabled African drumming People Unit no longer exists, there are still hundreds of interesting, wacky, and cool classes on which you can spend your precious electives or flexible zone or whatever it’s being called these days. For some reason (and I maintain that there is a conspiracy) all the weird units are offered in semester 2. Follow this very special study plan and you’ll be a jack of all trades in no time. 

CHIN1012 – Chinese Calligraphy

One thing I’ve noticed at my job is that Macquarie doesn’t offer any art classes, but CHIN1012 comes pretty close. The Handbook wording is pretty blunt: “No knowledge of Chinese is required.” This is an art class disguised as an international studies unit. It’s perfect for that one 100-level (or 1000-level now, whatever) unit that you’ve been saving up to numb the pain of your final year.

Offered: Session 2 2020

MEDI8603 – Anatomy by Whole Body Dissection

This one can’t be studied by just anyone – it’s a 16 day, bloody (no pun intended) 30 credit point unit exclusively for students of the Graduate Diploma of Anatomy. The name says it all. Whole. Body. Dissection. I only included it in this list because it sounds insanely hardcore and I thought you should all know that it exists.

Offered: Session 2, 2020

AHIS3202 – A History of Magic: From the Magi to Merlin

This unit is the closest you’ll get to studying at Hogwarts. You literally get to read ancient spells for homework. I mean, that’s what you’ll catch me doing on a typical Friday night but now I can finally get credit for it. 

Offered: Session 2, 2020

PSYH4440 – Psychology of Driving

I know this doesn’t seem that weird, but it’s so niche. Someone somewhere has devoted their life to this one topic, and now you can study it. Sounds pretty cool though, might take it out for a spin. 

Offered: Session 2, 2020

MMBA8081 – Entrepreneurship and Existentialism 

This is one of those units that I looked at and thought “why does this exist?” Maybe it’s my pathological hatred of both business and philosophy, but I really do feel that this is a weird one.

Offered: TBD

MMCC3017 – DJ, Performance and Remixing

Wanna learn how to DJ? Nothing should be stopping you. Despite the 3000-level code, the handbook describes this as a beginner unit. Channel your inner 12 year old boy and shine. 

Offered: Session 2, 2020