The Creatures


Words | Austin Lankford 

The creatures were crying

lured by food,

all for the invasion

of outsiders like me.

The creatures were crying

but no one could hear,

as we dirtied their water 

and broke their fins.

The creatures were crying

and so was I,

as I participated in the madness

all for the satisfaction, 

of seeing them in the wild.

The creatures were crying.

Please leave us alone.

And yet we came there in drones

picture after picture

boat after boat.

I thought it would be beautiful,

but it was so sad.

We take so much from these creatures 

with which we share our home.

I am scared we will take 

until they are all gone.

We poison the water.

We poison the air.

So much destruction,

and no one seems to care.

The creatures are crying,

and so am I,

As I participate in the madness.