Out of Your Comfort Zone: Tour of Sydney


Words | Sara Zarriello

Come with me on a wondrous ride, with new and exciting destinations to find. Hold onto your propeller caps and your rainbow suspenders, because we’re about to encounter a fun adventure! 

Welcome one and all to your personal Sydney tour through food, drink, good times and bad: we’ve got it all planned. I’ll be your guide today, tonight, whenever suits you right! So don your least favourite pair of shoes (or your favourites depending on your persuasion) because we’re gonna wear those puppies out!

First stop… Catmosphere Cat Café

Located in Surry Hills, it has established itself as the original cat café of Sydney. Dedicated to supporting cats of all shapes and sizes from rescue groups in the area, they ensure their adoptable loveable rascals find the home they’ve always dreamt of! Think Cat Cinema and Cat Yoga or even a Cat Lounge – they offer it all. So muster on down and enjoy some soft and cuddly love! 

Choo choo next stop… Museum of Human Disease

Want to know more about gross stuff humans have endured, or not? Then you should get yourself to the fascinating pathology museum in Kensington, which exhibits 3 000 specimens! Jars and jars full of parasites and blackened lungs or weird organs with teeth growing inside – there are endless amount of terror in each turn. Enjoy reflecting on some mysteriously hideous diseases if that’s your cup of tea. As for me, I’ll be staying at home thanks!

Third stop… “Forgotten Songs”

A permanent public installation created back in 2011 by Michael Thomas Hill, this artwork can be found in Angel Place, Sydney. Originally a temporary installation in 2009’s Sydney Laneway Temporary art scheme, it became permanent due to its popularity and I’ll tell you why. Hung from above are empty bird cages from which recordings of bird species that were once prevalent in the area sing. These birds may be on the city edges now or completely extinct, on a larger platform it shows the deep neglect humans have in preserving the city space to be one that its flora and fauna can thrive in. Come during the day and night to hear how the different species of birds call out. 

Stop four… Badu Mangroves

Within Sydney Olympic Park and adjacent to Homebush Bay, hidden by surrounding parkland and a water bird refuge are mangroves. There are even some shipwrecks off the shore! An elevated boardwalk takes you throughout the intricate ecosystem where only recently researchers have uncovered how important these mangroves really are. Accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, equipped with bathrooms and even picnic areas (if you don’t mind the smell). Be one with nature and immerse yourself in some green goodness. 

Stop number five… Waverley Cemetery

Yes, you may be feeling a little queasy and fair enough. I promise though, the views from up there are breathtaking. On a little detour from the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk you will pass this cemetery in all its grace and beauty. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is a cemetery (could I mention it enough?) because if you’re into history, many public figures of significance rest up there. Headstones overlook the Pacific Ocean and if you’re into reading amongst the dead, bring a book. Peaceful and serene, who knew being amongst the passed can be just as calming as being amongst the living. Give it a go. 

Final stop… Fleetmac Wood presents Sea of Love Disco

You heard me right, Fleetmac Wood (London party series) have been expressing their love for Fleetwood Mac (the band) since 2012, hosting parties exclusively for fans and lovers alike. In this deep-sea dive of a rave, find yourself amongst streamers of seaweed and shining pearls of blue hues dancing round the room to ‘Dreams.’ Aquatic love and soaring hearts gather around, your time has come! In the immortal words of Stevie Nicks, “When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know…” Find out what she’s talking about once and for all! Be there on March 7th from 10pm-3am at the Oxford Art Factory. See ya there skirt twirlers!