MQ Enrolment Fiasco


Words || Gabrielle Edwards

MQ 2020 promised a clearer new study path allowing for a more successful future for graduates, but that doesn’t seem to be the case so far… Since enrolment opened for certain returning students starting January 13th there have been multiple reports of technical issues occurring. 

Students shared their frustration on university discussion groups online with issues including not being able to login to eStudent at all or only having access to the old curriculum and not being able to enrol to new units. On January 16th, the Macquarie University Campus Facebook page even shared a Ron Burgundy meme to announce the enrolment system had been fixed, eliciting discontent from many commenters. When re-enrolment opened next week for a new batch of returning students, these commenters were proved right as issues kept recurring. 

On top of this, the personalised study plans promised to help transition students from the past curriculum to the new 2020 one have also arrived late for many students. This means some students aren’t being informed on how their degree has changed and what units they are supposed to be taking.

One culprit for enrolment issues appears to be the new units and programs not yet being updated in the enrolment systems, meaning they are inaccessible to be viewed or enrolled in by students. Along with this, eStudent only works best with certain internet browsers with Google Chrome not being one of them. With classes starting soon, let’s just hope all these technical difficulties can be solved as soon as possible. If you are having issues be sure to contact Student Connect or AskMQ who can hopefully help address your concerns.