Review: Untitled Goose Game


Words || Shivani Srivastava

Made by House House and published by Panic, the ‘Untitled Goose Game’ is your entryway into the psychology of the goose. If you’ve ever walked onto campus and wondered what our local geese are thinking, this is the game for you. Riding the wave of the surge in indie game development, the game is a simplistic and subtle take on sand-box puzzle gaming. Described by our Editor-in-Chief James Booth as “the goose version of Grand Theft Auto”, this game grants you the freedom to interact with everyday objects whilst still guiding you in the direction of a light-hearted story. The game was developed by four Melbourne-based developers who were shocked to see the game reach the top of Nintendo Switch download charts in Australia and the UK.

The game is set in a quiet British country-esque town, your role is to, while we’re still not sure why, annoy the townspeople and create general havoc as some sort of goose terrorist. You’re given a checklist at each stage, filled with seemingly unrelated tasks whilst tormenting the town, these are broken up by nice wholesome tasks such as setting up a picnic for yourself, or bringing out the sparkle in your goose eyes with a new bowtie #self-care. 

The game has a stealth mode, and if there’s any Assassin Creed fans out there this game definitely requires the same level, skill and technique to manoeuvre through the levels. The gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up and are fairly intuitive. You have a permanent honk button you can utilise when waddling from point A to point B. The soundtrack is pure fire, a whimsical piano sequence reminiscent of Play School. As the goose you can interact with the game’s non-playable characters, there’s some unpredictability in their movements and real time changes to the situations. 

The game has been well-received, rising to fame in September this year. Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen have jumped on the goose bandwagon, raving about the game. It poses as a refreshing break from all the political turmoil that is life. I would recommend this game if you’ve just given up and you’re looking to channel your energy elsewhere. I have probably sunk more hours into this game than I needed to, but if I can’t be successful as a human, at least I will be successful as a goose.