Human Folly


Words || John Gallimore

The god leaned on the balcony to survey her dominion. 
The brisk dew swooped from the trees and dripped onto her arm.
One glance at her arm was enough.
Enough to remind the god of her personhood.

The god’s eyes floated to the horizon, to the future untold.
Before her stood her life’s work, a world under her control.
Dominion, power, authority, wisdom, strength. 
All these gifts stood before her and within her.

The battle was over, the god had conquered all.
Now even the elements bowed to her influence.
The plain stretched forth from her gaze, filled with delights. 
Beneath her feet stood her world, however disconnected it is.

The drips of water collected on the trees above as rain fell. 
The god stood immobile at such an event, lost within her mind.
Was it really worth it? What has all this achieved?
Have I changed the world for the better? For the worse

Why do I not know the answer? How can I not know?
The god searched through her person, seeking the answer. 
But to no avail. The answer was beyond even her. 
The only drips on her arm now are her tears.