(Let) Our World (Change)


Words || Alyssa Byrnes

Words bitten back by a smile,

for the man who grabbed my hip

to ask for a sip

while I took his order.

I cringed in silent horror.

Laughter dying faster than it started 

on a quiet night at work,

when my BOSS suggested I remove my shirt

and stand outside

to bring in more business.

We must insist upon screaming

in the faces of those

who woke up and chose

not to think today

about tomorrow.

Speak until you are heard, 

and then raise your voice higher 

to put out the fires they set

with ugly words in a 

beautiful world.

Do not let young girls

who sit waiting to cry,

hearing notions so vile, (tears in their eyes) 

become women who 

can’t find their voice.

Stand up as daughters

of this great Mother Earth and

demand to show your worth

every day, on every page, 

in every way.

No more lines can be crossed

Under the guises of ‘jokes’ 

So thinly cloaked

Do you find this funny?

I don’t.