Review: Australian Fish Guide by Frank Prokop


Words || Zoe Gleeson

What a wild ride this was. Frank Prokop has come out with an absolute fucking banger.

Now, I am not all that interested in fish.

I love looking at them, I love eating them, and I respect that they’re needed for the ecosystem to work and all that jazz, but the thought of sitting down and reading an actual reference book on fish just doesn’t tickle my fancy.

However, bored out of this world, I thought I’d give this bad boy a go.

Not only do I somehow own the hard cover, but I also own the flexi-bound version.

That’s right, folks. I own two copies of the Australian Fish Guide.

I don’t even fish.

That aside, I can confirm that this guide has detailed descriptions and intricate illustrations to aid any avid fisher in identifying their catch and helping to land any fisher’s target species. Not only does it include various coding systems to identify different species of fish, as well as colour coding, but it also presents the reader with comprehensive diagrams of all of the different rigs that are best used to catch specific fish with.

144 pages of every species you could possibly find in Australia; freshwater bait species, sharks and ray species, freshwater sports fish, and you’ve even got your reef species and your estuary/surf species.

Oh – and I almost forgot! Where would we be without the good old pelagic species and invertebrates?

The bait section is where this emotional rollercoaster of a read really picks up. To ensure that your next fishing adventure will be successful, make sure to cross reference the fish you’re looking for with the type of bait best used to catch it.

Even Booktopia has told me that updated versions of the book has a new boat section! Well slap me sideways and call me Sally!

Now Coconut Bob from Canberra makes a really good point in saying that this book is super helpful in teaching young kids about different fish species and safe practices. What Coconut Bob from Canberra fails to mention is that taking a book with you near water…well you know where I’m going with this…

This book takes you from the freshwater rivers to the ocean seamlessly and I give it a solid 5/10! I really came to appreciate the expertise that has gone into creating such a compendium and might even go fishing next time I find myself filled with boredom!