Natural Plastic Surgery?


Words || Annie Renouf

“They want to look good without looking plastic” reads an article on Facial Plastic Surgery. Natural looking plastic surgery is gaining major traction in the cosmetic industry. More people are turning towards embracing what mother nature gave them through the enhancement of their own features. Not only that, people want to transform their physique by using fat transfers from their own body rather than getting implants. In 2016 the number of breast augmentations using fat transfers increased by 72 percent while butt augmentations using fat transfers increased by 26 per cent, according the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

While the rise in natural looking plastic surgery and the shift away from using plastic implants is a positive way to change the discourse about the ‘fakeness’ of cosmetic surgery, it is not recommended that all people use it to transform their breasts or butts.

How does a Fat Transfer Work?

The cost of getting natural plastic surgery is greater than getting implants because it is a two-step process. It involves collecting fat from a ‘donor site,’ which is where you have the most body fat, through the use of liposuction. Most excess body fat usually comes from the stomach or upper legs. This process can be done using a syringe system or a system with a fat collection chamber. The fluid obtained during liposuction, known as aspirate, is then treated to remove excess fluid from damaged fat cells so that the concentrated fat is ready to inject. The injection of new fat cells into your body is done using fat grafting cannulas — these are small tubes designed to be gentle on fat cells. The surgeon will then inject them into several grafts and layers so that the fat is dispersed into many areas of the body rather than being pooled into one area. This is important because they need to have a strong foundation in your body in order to lift and enhance it.

It’s great that you can remove fat while changing your body, right?

If you want to get a boob job you need to be the ideal candidate for a fat transfer. They can only be used for relatively small enhancements to your breasts. If you have a natural lift with a good bust contour and excess body fat to remove then this would be the option for you. If the reality is that you are seeking a significant size increase, and a change in shape and lift, then a fat transfer cannot provide a viable means of realising that outcome.

Before you think about getting a fat transfer you need to ask yourself whether or not you have a history of breast cancer in your family. The injected cells can get in the way of breast cancer screenings and potentially increase the risk.

Transferring fat from your stomach to your butt has become known as getting a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’. Choosing not to use a traditional method of plastic surgery means that; your butt will have a softer feel, the results are permanent, minimal maintenance is required, less scarring is incurred, and your trimmed waist will give you a more shapely figure. To be the ideal candidate for an all-natural augmentation you need to be in good health, have good skin tone i.e. an unblemished complexion, and have an excess amount of fat to transfer.

Why has there been a rise in natural plastic surgery?

Increased exposure to social media is a force which encourages young women to compare themselves to others and accentuates their own insecurities. There is now a greater demand for plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures as more women are able to see their perceived flaws and confront them when they use Instagram or Snapchat. For young women the most popular types of plastic surgery are nose jobs, boob jobs, and liposuction, in order to resemble the insta-models or celebrities that they follow.

If you are in pursuit of securing the ideal body or face, remember that natural plastic surgery is long-lasting and overtime people can come to terms with their appearance. Our relationship with how we look is continuously evolving and people have often decided that they want to reverse the effects of cosmetic surgery later on in their lives. A reality TV show called Botched is a potent reminder of how cosmetic surgery cannot solve all your problems. It features plastic surgeons remedying the effects of cosmetic surgery gone wrong and often leads to patients realising that who they are is enough.

Kylie Jenner’s journey toward becoming comfortable with herself is influential. She gained star power for her pout and is now inspiring a wave of young women who have decided to accept that they are beautiful in their natural state. In response to a comment made by @haleithorn on Instagram on 10 July 2018: “She looks like the old Kylie here idk why,” Jenner wrote “I got rid of all my fillers.” It makes us aware that getting plastic surgery represents metamorphosis in many ways — it can come from a place of insecurity, yet may instil enough confidence in a person to make them realise that the greatest transformation they can have is developing a positive relationship with themselves.