Shame Your Unit: SOC126 (Crime and Society)


Words || Tits McGee

Do you want to feel like a unit is working against you if you have a job? Do you want to be shitting bricks every time you walk into a tute room because you have zero clue what you’re actually doing? And do YOU want to feel like you have to complete an unreasonable amount of work for one assessment? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this unit is for you!

SOC126 Crime and Society was the most ultimate of shit shows you could possibly envisage. Imagine this … you go in all excited for a new unit that’s actually related to your degree and then that sparkle of hope is completely shattered as soon as you walk in the door to your first lecture. You encounter the most ridiculous lecturer AND convenor (same person) you’ve ever met and begin to realise that you’re in for a rough time this session. You try and stay positive and say to yourself that “week one always sucks, week two will be better”. But oh no, it gets worse. Much, much worse. The assessments are explained in detail and you think “oh yeah, this is alright. How fun! A court report!” Then the tutors actually delve into the “court report” task in more detail. You realise you’ve already told your employer that you’re free to roster on for the mid session break. You’re trying to support yourself like a good contributing, tax paying human being within society, but you have to go to court … you have to actually attend court. “Yep, no worries, I’ll just change shifts”. Good joke.

The lovely lecturer (and convenor) pretty much SCREAMS that you have to spend “at least two days at court”. A day or two? TWO? I can’t take that much off of work! I’m trying to pay rent/eat/have a social life/*insert anything that requires a buckaroo, here*!

So you realise you’re fucked either way. You give up and tell your boss and they somehow amazingly give you two days off to sit in a dank courtroom and take notes. But you’re not just taking notes, you have to take notes about the SOCIAL aspects.

What is the defendant wearing? Is the lighting adequate? You think, “alright, this is fine. It’s not even hard.” Flash forward. I literally sat in different courtrooms for two days taking notes about anything and everything thinking that it would help me write this damn report. Then I went back to uni, SEVENTEEN DOUBLE SIDED PAGES OF NOTES in tow; feeling super good about myself that I’ve ‘really put my education first’ *eyeroll*, only to be completely shat on by my tutor who decides that I’ve taken “too many” notes about things that aren’t directly related to what the court report is about.

I stood there. Looking at the tutor. Completely broken. My ass still numb from sitting for two solid days. My back wrecked from the zero lumbar support of the stupid government funded un-ergonomically friendly courthouse chairs. I took two days off of work for this. I’m going to be eating two minute noodles for a week, barely make rent this month due to my already shit roster, and probably make my mum do my laundry because it costs fucking $7 a load at my overly expensive student housing, because of this.

I swallow my anger. I go home and write the stupid report. That’s when I lost it. I could’ve just made all of this fucking shit up anyway. I was told I “could not include the real names of people” and had to change them to bloody characters from movies, so why couldn’t I just have made up the whole damn thing? A complete work of fiction. I could have just made up anything to fit what I was writing about. If someone had told me this day one, it would’ve saved me money and time. Two things that are very precious when you’re a student.

My advice? Try and avoid taking SOC126, head for the hills as soon as possible. Not worth the yelling and screaming and humiliation and ridiculous expectations forced upon you. STAY AWAY.

[The Convenor of this Unit has been contacted for comment, no comment was provided by publication]