The Performance


Words || Alice Batchelor

The Performance
She’s in there I know it
She dances in my head like a stage
But only when the curtains are closed
If anyone dares to sneak a peek
I fear she will turn to dust
I can hear her cackle from behind
The crushed velvet drapings
But only to herself (a little to me)
I’ve let her perform for a bit
But she never does her warm up
After each show she’s sore
And retired for the next few months
Hiding behind the thick curtain
Next Showing: when she pleases
Everything is about her
But nothing is ever her fault
No one knows anything about her
But that’s always their fault
She moves around on tip toes
Every step to garner applause
And when the curtains draw to close
She opens her eyes once more
No flowers litter the stage
Just old and dusty floorboards
To which she lays her head
Lying still and silent (not quite dead)
So put on your little performance
You sad conflicted girl
And continue with your dance
Who is it again you dance for?