Illustrated: What’s in the depths of the Macquarie Lake?


Illustrations || Daniel Lim 


In your Earth language you know him as the Vice Chancellor of Macquarie Uni. In the language of the Old Ones, however, he is Mgvulgtnah shuggoth, an ancient being of unknowable power and greed. Do not wake him from his slumber.

My hopes and dreams of university success

I haven’t seen either these or the lake since beginning of semester, since construction ostracised it from view. I hope they’re all at peace together.


Every creepy body of water has a myth that there’s a giant albino eel in residence, and Macquarie’s lake is no exception. Rumour has it there’s actually a breeding pair, ready to feed their brood with the odd duckling and meat from the occasional overly bold instragrammer who wanders too close to the lake’s edge.

A dead regulars editor

A Grapeshot regulars editor of semesters past who failed to cross the choppy surface and mean currents of the lake. Luckily it’s a popular position, so we swapped him out with a doppleganger at speed.

A treasure chest

The six million dollars’ worth of funds raised through Student Services and Amenities Fees each year by the uni doesn’t roll over each year, and it’s unclear what happens with the leftover dosh. Rumour has it the unspent cash gets shoved into a chest and is guarded zealously by Mgvulgtnah shuggoth until it’s transferred quietly into his Christmas pay packet.