Academic Senate Elections: Meet the candidates


So who’s going to take our #ShameYourUnit rants, slam them on the table in front of the university’s academic head honchos, and demand change?

That’s up to you. Click your relevant Faculty below to read interviews with each hopeful candidate gunning for represent students on the Academic Senate. (If you’re not sure who you can vote for, check using the link sent to your student email from

Students are either running as Independents, or under the Alliance ticket, which is being run by SRC member James Cummins.

If you’re not sure what the Academic Senate does, read our explainer piece. Voting closes May 16 at 3pm.

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Postgraduate Candidates

As a reward for getting this far, here’s the Vice Chancellor drawn in the style of a tentacled sea monster.

*hisses and slithers away to guard an underwater cave full of riches*

Happy voting!

If you’re a candidate and haven’t returned your interview yet, please do so to