Academic Senate Candidates for the Faculty of Science & Engineering


Running for the spot of undergraduate student member on the Academic Senate for the Faculty of Science & Engineering are Alexander Hablutzel and Danielle Tonkin.


Danielle is in her first year at Macquarie University studying for her Chiropractic Science undergraduate degree. Danielle is originally from Alaska in the USA but has been a very happy member of Australia for almost a decade. She’s a black belt martial artist, archery instructor, huge animal lover and avid reader of all varieties of books.

Can you comment on the overall experience you’ve had while studying at Macquarie?

So far my experience has been great and it’s definitely been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done! It’s been very intensive with a steep learning curve, but I love the challenge. I love knowledge and love to learn so I’m really enjoying every day. 

What made you decide to campaign for a place on the Academic Senate?

My education is incredibly important to me. Because I’ve worked so hard to get here and am incredibly passionate about my chosen profession, I want to be as involved as possible in how that education is structured and how it can be improved. I want to give a clear and honest voice of the student body back to the university to work together to constantly improve and move forward in the delivery of that education.

If elected to the Senate, what issues or concerns will you be prioritising?

I’m sure there are a lot of concerns and issues that could be addressed that I’m unaware of, but from a personal perspective, I’ll want to address the stresses that surround the students and how Macquarie can better recognize and aide in lessening those stresses. The general statement of “Uni is hard, get used to it.” isn’t a good message and can be made so much better! There’s always room for improvement in any institution, business or person and I hope to drive that forward while bringing a real voice of the students back to the university. 

Finally, why should students vote for you?

I feel that students should vote for me because I’m a fun, personable and honest person. I’m generally one of the only people who willingly speaks up and vocalizes issues and ideas for the group. I’m well-spoken and can communicate effectively with all age ranges and varieties of people. I genuinely care about my student colleagues and want to see us all achieve a great, fair and supportive education.


Awaiting response.