Academic Senate Candidates for the Faculty of Arts


Running for the spot of undergraduate student member on the Academic Senate for the Faculty of Arts are Grace Kessling and Emily Ward.

GRACE KESSLING (Independent)

Grace studies a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Major: Public Policy, Law and Governance. Minor: Social Justice). She regrets choosing a course with a ridiculously long name that takes ages to explain at family events.

Can you comment on the overall experience you’ve had while studying at Macquarie?

Surprising. Scary. Rewarding. These three words sum up my years so far at Macquarie.

As a third year looking back on where I started, I remember first being surprised to have been offered a place at Macquarie through the Global Leadership Entry Program. I was unsure about Macquarie as I lived on the Central Coast and realised few of my friends would be attending Macquarie. Soon after I was offered scholarships which allowed me to move into Macquarie University Village. Again, I was so suprised and grateful (and still am).

My first year out of home and beginning such a full-on degree was scary as I knew no-one and felt out of place at Macquarie.

However, I quickly settled into Macquarie and made life-long friends, became confident that Law and Policy was the right choice, and started working with the University.

The experiences Macquarie has given me have been so rewarding. I started a new life here. I have been given opportunities with the Global Leadership Program, PACE International and LEAP mentoring. All which I am so appreciative to Macquarie for giving me.

What made you decide to campaign for a place on the Academic Senate?

Personally, I enjoy reading the University policies. Weird pastime, believe I know!

Even before my work with the University I liked knowing all the ins and outs of the policies created by the University. Whether it be the policies for when a student is sick and needs an extension on an assignment, or just the policies which the University uses when assessing students applications through UAC.

The Academic Senate is a place where I can align my professional interest in policy and social justice advocacy to influence the policies developed by the University and advocate on behalf of students in the Faculty of Arts for fair outcomes.

If elected to the Senate, what issues or concerns will you be prioritising?

I want everyone to understand that I stand for:

– Fair, clear and accessible University policies (i.e. Special Consideration procedures and similar);

– Transparency in University decision making;

– Equal access to education and opportunities; and

– Timely responses and fair decisions from the University.

Why should students vote for you?

Simply, I’ve memorized the policies which affect students, I study policy, I’ve have worked within the University and am experienced in social justice advocacy. These experiences match perfectly which what is required of representatives on the Academic Senate as those on the Senate will be reviewing University policies and associated internal matters.

This role requires excellent knowledge of Macquarie’s policies and an ability to advocate for fair outcomes for students, both skills I have proven experience in. For these reasons, I am the ideal person to represent the interests of students in the Faculty of Arts on the Academic Senate.


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