TRAIN STATION CLOSURE: Take Session 1, 2019 off and ditch traffic horror


Words || Grapeshot team

The death knell hath sounded for the Macquarie University train station, which is due to be closed for seven months from 30 September this year along with the Epping to Chatswood rail line.

The closure date has been hotly anticipated by the thousands of students and staff who travel to university by train each day, ever since the closure was first announced in 2016. The station is being upgraded to accomodate the new $20-billion metro line that will open in 2024.

The Macquarie University train station will reopen around this time next year. During the seven-month closure, it is estimated that most commuters will have their daily travel extended by at least 10 minutes, and in some cases, doubled. This is despite the introduction of 120 new buses to the area which will provide 110 services per hour to and from the university.

A petition to keep the eight-year-old train station open fired up last year to no avail.

Once completed and opened, the new rail line will ostensibly run trains so frequently a timetable won’t be provided, as services will be arriving every four minutes. The trains will also eventually be driverless.

Students attending Session 2 this year will be affected by the Macquarie train station’s closure, but only towards the last two or three weeks of class. The closure will continue well into Session 1 in 2019, however, and possibly longer if construction is delayed.

Given you can take a semester off your course without fielding any paperwork, no questions asked, we recommend you plan a breather semester for Session 1 next year to skip the most nightmarish phase of the rail upgrade.

We might also recommend that you plan to start driving to university, but details about the new parking payment system have yet to be announced, so at this point, total avoidance seems the best option to shoot for.

If you don’t want to take a whole semester off, maybe it’s time to try the external class lifestyle?