Shame your unit: LAWS259


Words || I.S

Disclaimer: This unit was 2 years ago and to this day I will be telling my first child about this.

LAWS259 is an introduction into public international law and the focus of the United Nations. Or, more accurately, it’s an introduction to how legal dreams are crushed.

They say choose the major you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. After 4 years of law school, I’ve realised that’s because that field probably isn’t hiring.

However, 2 years ago it was nice to come to a semester where I was finally excited to engage in my long-time passion of international law and feel empowered to never need corporate law in my life. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Between cutting subjects and hiring staff last minute, the law school reassures that tutorial teachers are all as qualified as one another. This is almost as disappointing as trying to find a power outlet in the library. So, before I continue, I’d like to raise a toast to my tutor, who was capable of teaching and deserves to have run the unit.

Lectures you ask? There is nothing better than paying $1300 to listen to the same pre-recorded lectures three years in a row. Yes, that’s right… I’m payed $1300 for a mental breakdown caused by having to teach myself. To make matters worse, lectures were like listening to David Attenborough … minus the passion … and add eternal hatred for law students due to bad memories of uni. Seriously, the university needs to consider a policy on how many times a convenor can re-use materials.

However, like any law student, dropping out wasn’t an option after the gods let you pass Business Organisations – LAWS256.

The weekly quizzes were a nightmare when you weren’t the North-Shore law student who would cheat with their ‘squad’ before a solid night at Ubar and still ace every. Damn. Quiz. Let’s just say blood, sweat and tears really doesn’t get you as far as they say. At this point I realised why the convenor probably held hatred for law students.

The final assessment was a 3-hour take home exam. By this stage, I was still determined to get a good mark and studied the topics, as instructed, from later weeks that hadn’t been assessed. The exam was like playing Mario Kart, except the whole road was bananas because everything was assessable and everything that was meant to be important was in fact not. To say the least, unexpected would be an understatement. The exam was later petitioned separately for its unreasonableness and for accusations of racial profiling in the scenario provided. This resulted in modification of the unit’s final assessment the following semester, however, the experience remains dismal.

In the end, the only real and notable thing that happened during this unit was Trump becoming president. $1300 for that? Why can’t I cry money instead of tears?