Macquarie Uni a Hotspot for Sugar Babies


Words || Sarah Joseph 

Ever heard someone on campus say that they’re so broke, they’re considering finding a sugar daddy? Turns out many of them weren’t joking.

According to data released by Seeking Arrangement, a website designed to pair prospective sugar babies with their sugar daddy of choice, Macquarie University is the third largest hotspot for sugar babies in the country.

Coming in behind Griffith and Deakin University, that’s a lot of go-getting students on campus. With the increasing defunding of universities and deregulation of fees, a degree can cost upwards of $80,000 these days.

That’s going to take you over thirty years to pay off with an average wage – and that estimate doesn’t even factor in the cost of living. Unless you have the luxury of living at home, you know how expensive rent can be. It’s not surprising that a lot of our fellow students are looking for alternative ways to rake in the cash.

Seeking Arrangement – which has almost 10 million members worldwide – reported that Macquarie’s sign-ups for the site were 53 in 2015, and skyrocketed to over 400 active members in 2017. There are over 100,000 female students in their database.

Like the 100,000 students in the Seeking Arrangement database (and that’s not even counting male sugar babies and their glucose guardians), I have first-hand experience signing up to

A friend and I joined in January of 2017 when I was commuting three hours a day to a part-time retail job, and she was unemployed. Our plan was to initially just check it out. The website is highly self-recommending, it even has its own blog with posts entitled ‘Why Sugar Beats Vanilla Every Time’ and ‘The Sweetest New Year’s Resolution’. It lists the benefits of being a sugar baby as finding a mentor, dating experienced men and being pampered. They even offer a free premium account upgrade if you sign up with your student email address.

Obviously, a desperate broke girl can easily be enticed by how amazing this all sounds. I had wondrous and grand visions of my own Pretty Woman shopping spree montage and Richard Gere trailing behind with credit card in hand. I could move out of my sad share apartment and into my own place. That itself is a fantasy in Sydney.

Alas, my own anxiety stopped me from pursuing further on the website than a few middle-aged men messaging me ‘Hello, how are you?’, which resulted in me throwing my phone across the room and afraid to pick it up again. My friend pursued a little further in the conversations.

At one stage she was offered free professional photography, a few grand to stay in a city hotel for the night, and even an overseas holiday. However, she also did not continue these conversations, and eventually, we both closed our accounts. This may or may not have anything to do with her receiving requests for golden showers from one daddy.

With the average sugar baby pocketing $3000 a month cash, as well as countless amounts of gifts, even having their HECS/HELP debt paid off, you can see why the offer is shiny and enticing.

Most sugar daddies aren’t seeking for anything more than companionship, any sexual relationships being entirely the choice of the sugar baby. It is a relationship of mutual benefaction and becoming less taboo and more mainstream.

Seeking Arrangement spokeswoman, Brook Urick, told, “There’s been a shift in modern dating, not everyone is looking to settle down straight away. People are looking to better their lives, and if they’re not inclined to settle down, students want to level-up their dating. They want someone who can inspire and encourage them,” and this is the case for the thousands of sugar babies at universities across Sydney.

With the cost of university and living rising every year, numbers of student sugar babies are predicted to increase as well. If you are a sugar baby and reading this, I commend you for being your own business person. You have found a way to make the system work for you. Please live my Pretty Woman dreams for us all.