Grapeshot’s Statement on the Marriage Equality Survey


To Grapeshot readers and the Macquarie University community,

We would like to join other student groups and departments in publicly stating that we are in full support of marriage equality and the Yes vote. We do this in honour of the many queer members of our editorial team, the LGBTQIA+ writers who have written and illustrated for us, and the wider queer and ally community of Macquarie.

Student publications are places of debate and diverse opinion. We welcome writers of all political persuasions, if they have well expressed, factually based opinions. However, it is the decision of the editors in this crucial period of history in terms of Australia’s queer rights that we throw our support behind equality and do not subject LGBTQIA+ people to damaging, needless ‘debate’ on an issue to which the answer is so obvious.

We are yet to see a convincing, factually robust argument as to why marriage equality shouldn’t be legalised both in our own circles and in the wider media.

We have dedicated our current issue, FIST, to the queer people past and present who have fought for equal rights and have courageously made the choice to love openly. We pay tribute to the activists who protested unjust laws and discrimination at a time when homosexuality was still illegal. We have also gathered stories from Macquarie’s queer students that celebrate love in the face of the vilification that queer people have suffered due to the shameful, spineless inaction of the government.

We write in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community and particularly would like to extend our compassion to those in situations in which their sexuality jeopardises their safety. Please know that you will always be supported by your student media and we will always find the pages for you to write your stories on.

We will be voting yes not only for the queer community, but for us all.

Signed by Angus Dalton, Editor-in-Chief, and the Grapeshot team.

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