We’re Hiring: Position Descriptions


We need a kick-ass, dedicated team to take the reins and help us continue our production of high quality, student-driven writing, design and journalism in 2018. If you’re enthusiastic about Grapeshot and are keen to dedicate a lot of blood, sweat and late nights into helping us produce the sexiest student mag out, flick a cover letter and resumé to grapeshot@mq.edu.au!

The Editor-in-Chief oversees every aspect of the magazine, from design and editorial, through to marketing. They also act as the primary contact for the university, Campus Life and the student body. So when Grapeshot gets into trouble (see:all Grapey editorial for 2017), the Editor in Chief is 100% accountable.

While the Editor-in-Chief is directing the team and dealing with bureaucracy, the Deputy is liaising with section editors and executing content. The role requires strong leadership skills, for giving praise when due and kicking ass when needed. Like the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy is all across all aspects of the magazine.

The Creative Director and Design Assistants are responsible for the overall aesthetic and branding of Grapeshot. They illustrate and design every single glorious page in coordination with the theme and content. The position of Creative Director requires someone with a knowledge of programs like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The Design Assistants are there when the Creative Director calls, to whip up a pattern or illustrate a section opener. Artists and/or illustrators are encouraged to apply.

The News Editor compiles all the articles for the news section of the magazine including newsflashes, interviews, and news-features. The News Editor is required to be across Macquarie news and everything that happens on campus. The position requires someone who is thoroughly up to date with current affairs and is able to find new angles on old stories. Applicants should have skills as a writer and reporter, in order to regularly produce articles to tight deadlines.

The Features Editor is required to source articles for the heartiest section of the mag. This requires someone with a broad knowledge base, and experience as a writer and reader of creative non-fiction. The Features Editor commissions and curates long-form, non-fiction articles, specifically immersive, narrative journalism, interview-based profiles, and memoir pieces. The Features Editor is required to work closely with contributors to give guidance, perform structural edits, and see the work through to publication.

The Regulars Editor is across both the Regulars and Repeat Offenders sections of the mag. They commission content that is experimental and light-hearted, and are responsible for all book/film/music reviews. The Regulars Editor is also required to take on a lot of the comedy-writing themselves, including the famous Grapeshot Challenge (which this year included a date with a Sugar Daddy, binge-drinking through a uni week, and calling triple zero from the middle of Heathcote National Park).

The Online Editor curates all the content for the Grapeshot website and social media, keeping it as up-to-date as possible. While the magazine editors have monthly deadlines, the online editor is subject to daily deadlines. The position requires someone who understands online media and how to get as wide a reach as possible, who understands all different forms of writing.

The Marketing and Advertising Manager is in charge of all events held by Grapeshot. This includes working closely with the Editor-in-Chief to organise whole events, running O-Week stalls and assuring that the magazine attracts as much new interest as possible. They are the primary contact for advertising clients and are responsible for maintaining the Grapeshot Media Kit that is sent out to advertisers on a weekly basis.

If you’re keen to be involved but are short on time or experience, the Editorial Assistant is a great way to learn the ropes. An Editorial Assistant will conduct interviews, write articles, and work with the rest of the team in generating ideas and content for each issue.

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Hope to hear from you!