RE:Conception 2017 Lineup Announced


We are well aware that you only ever open that weekly MyMQ email to get rid of the notification on your phone, so we’d like to bring your attention to the fact that RE:Conception 2017 has been announced through the uni’s PR rag slash e-newsletter this afternoon.

RE:Conception had its inaugural spin last year. ‘Tis a shadow of the Conception Day of old, which, if you aren’t aware because you’re a fresh-faced MQ newbie, was a fucking fantastic music festival which pulled headliners like Birds of Tokyo, The Preatures, Art Vs Science and Flume across four main stages.

People who didn’t even go to Macquarie used to trek it out to North Ryde to attend, and the festival made Macquarie cool every year since 1969 until it was terminated in 2014.

There are multiple rumoured reasons for this: some speculate it was because sneaky kids would bury drugs down by the lake the day before the festival and then dig ’em out once they were safely inside the festival gates. Others say it’s because uni executives just fucking hate fun, but that’s their words, not ours.

In any case, Conception Day’s death was desecrated by FAME Festival in 2015, which we can’t even bring ourselves to relive (perhaps because no one actually lived it in the first place), but then came RE:Conception.

Toting headliners like San Cisco and Thelma Plum, trusted sources report that it wasn’t a bad shake of the old sauce bottle.

Back for its second year, RE:Conception will play out on 14 & 15 September, and has the following artists in tow:

  • Montaigne
  • Thundamentals
  • Black Diamond Hearts
  • Bag Raiders
  • Kilter
  • Kinder
  • Jesse Bloch

Tix for the Ubar party fronted by the latter four artists are available here, $15 for MQ students, $30 for the rest of you. Friday feat. Montaigne is free.

No Macquarie, we haven’t forgiven you for axing Conception Day. But yes, we will probably come and lose our shit to ‘Because I Love You’ and that song by the Bag Raiders that became a meme.