YIKES: Lyle Shelton says young people want marriage equality because it’s the ‘cool thing’


Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby and unofficial leader of the No Campaign in the upcoming postal plebiscite on marriage equality, joined Grapeshot‘s Campus News Editor, Tess Connery, on 2ser this morning.

Connery asked Shelton what he made of the polls that show the majority of young people in particular are in favour of legalising marriage equality. He replied:

‘Young people are very much immersed in a culture that encourages ideas like same sex marriage. It’s seen as the cool thing.’

He went on to say that social media and the entertainment industry have convinced young people to support marriage equality without considering the ‘consequences’.

Shelton then repeated his oft-spoken belief that potentially denying children a mother and father through legitimising same-sex couples would be detrimental to society.

In response, Connery cited a recent study by the Australian Medical Association that showed there was no discernible difference between children raised in heterosexual and same-sex households. Shelton rejected the validity of the findings.

‘I think the AMA are not engaging with the academic science very well,’ he said, before admitting that it was a ‘big statement’ to make, given that he is not a doctor, or an academic.

Listen to the full interview here: http://2ser.com/lyle-shelton-australian-christian-lobby-postal-plebiscite-marriage-equality/

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