UPDATE: Voice endorses Alistair Booth after failing to nominate for Council


Last week Grapeshot reported that Lachlan McGrath was found to be ineligible to run for the Macquarie University Council (MUC). As his candidacy was flagged well after the close for nominations Voice was unable to put someone else forward for MUC. As a result the VOICE ticket has chosen to endorse Alistair Booth in the run for MUC.

In a statement to Grapeshot, McGrath confirmed,

“A few months ago I found out that I have 1 required unit left in my Undergraduate degree, at that stage I contacted Governance to ensure that I would be eligible for Council if I didn’t complete any units in Semester 1 which I was told would not be a problem.

The DVC S+R offered the only recourse as restarting the whole Council election process, whilst this would have resulted in my eligibility it would also have resulted in a 3 month period where no student sat on University Council. Instead of that I’ve now focused on finding the best candidate to fill this position on the VOICE ticket.

After almost 2 weeks of discussions and interviews the VOICE ticket is proud to endorse Alistair Booth as our Candidate for Student Representative to University Council. Alistair has the experience and skills to ensure that all VOICE and SRC policies are implemented and will represent students well to the University Council.”