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Sean Eustace LIBERATE

Sean Eustace – I am a marketing student with an intense love for dogs (huuuuge fan of Cool Dog Group). Otherwise I enjoy simple vices – red wine, hip hop and being significantly more than 10% below word-counts.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

My main approach will be to hear out students concerns across the board – I will be advocating for issues I haven’t even thought of yet. However, for the time being there are a handful of issues that have been considered. Things like providing more indoor seating throughout the campus for those rainy days, as well as exploring options for card payment in the food hub. Although, my main focus will be on providing more activities to lift student’s mental health during stressful times. I would love to create more opportunities for therapy dogs to work on campus to provide a bit of stress relief during exam periods. According to Beyond Blue statistics, one in four young Australians aged 16-24 have experienced a mental health disorder in the last 12 months and the evidence on pet therapy says that contact with dogs can lift emotions, improve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety and increases overall relaxation. Knowing these benefits, how could you say no to petting a pup before an exam?!

How will you do this?

Primarily I would like to use social media and new apps like ‘Hangs’ to open some timeslots during the week to chat directly with students who feel strongly about a certain issue on campus. This will help me to gain direct insight into things affecting other students, not just myself and acquaintances or friends. These issues and the issues previously mentioned, can provide a discussion point with the university where I can collaborate with them and the rest of the SRC to seek measures to resolve. However, I would like to put my strongest foot forward and seek connection with therapy dog organisations to learn about the different avenues for increasing the resources sent to our university during trying times of semester like mid-sem exams or final exams.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

One of the biggest issues facing the SRC is the long terms for elected representatives. In my opinion, two years is too long. Students should be given a half-yearly or yearly opportunity to elect or re-elect their representatives so they have more of a desire to push through change and campus improvements. It would seem logical that after the first year, when representatives try to implement their more significant changes, a rep may lose interest or be swamped by other aspects of student life, ultimately limiting their impact. A one year term will encourage them to work harder throughout that whole year if they wish to be re-elected and provides a fresh perspective to the committee every election cycle.

Kirsten Quach IMPACT

Kirsten Quach is studying Commerce and Law – majoring in Finance, loves cheese and cheesy things, indulges in trashy reality TV shows more than she would like to admit and aspires to be able to do one pull up by the end of the year.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

Some of the aspects of university life I would like to improve, but not limited to are:

  • The quality, availability and functionality of informal study spaces
  • The overall social experience or participating in uni life
  • Opportunities to develop skills to make Macq students distinct in the employment pool
  • Accessibility of the campus by tackling availability of parking

How will you do this?

The main focus for me will be pushing for the operation of 24/7 study spaces. These extended hours will allow for more opportunities for collaboration with peers and make coming into uni a more worthwhile, and reflect the changing nature and demands of student life. Simple changes would also be made to increase efficiency in study spaces, such as more microwaves to reduce time spent lining up and the offering of 1-2 people spaces in order to reduce individuals who take up an entire 6 person space.

I plan to support societies through increasing funding and lobbying to streamline processes for them. With this support, student societies will be better able to hold events (mainly, food ones) on campus. This will increase the variety and frequency of food – so not just a monthly SRC BBQ. I wish to encourage more collaboration between societies so that students are able to open up their networks and remove the notion of exclusivity with societies. I strive to make the campus a more welcoming environment to enrich and enhance the student social experience.

Given the competitive nature of employment for students, they need to distinguish themselves from the crowd more than ever. I intend to develop the hard and soft skills of Macq students by increasing and supporting existing workshops, ranging from personal branding to writing. In addition, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, I am hoping to encourage the creation and participation in meaningful charitable initiatives.

To improve parking, clearer marking and signage will aid in identifying already available space. I will also lobby for the overflow parking to remain open throughout the year to increase available sports. To encourage students to park further out, a shuttle bus operating between Y3A parking and the library should be made available.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

  • Transparency in reporting what exactly they are doing in a timely manner
  • Making decisions that support the pillars of student experience and remaining in touch with what is important to students as it changes from parking, to Wi-Fi, to study spaces and timetabling
  • Being easily contactable in order to remain accountable to the student body
  • Working effectively with other branches of the university that support the student voice, such as Grapeshot.

Alex Mikaelian ALL1ANCE

Accounting major, nice guy, Ubar local & outdoor addict.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

I intend to incorporate networking within the everyday lives of students, whether it be through more parties or social events, making it easy for us all to meet new people, and make new connections.

My efforts will also be focused on the more overlooked issues, such as the cash only food court, the surcharge on the ATMs and the increasing number of high school students in Maq library.

As a member of the SRC, I, along with other SRC members, will work with the uni to address these issues, enhancing the day to day lives of students, and making their time at uni fun and worthwhile.

How will you do this?

To address the issue of networking, I will work on increasing the frequency of Ubar parties and other social events. This will give the students more reason to stay on campus and participate in events.

I aim to stop the bottleneck at ATM machines by requesting more to be placed in high use areas near the hub.

It will further be my mission to reduce the number of non Macquarie University members in student areas such as the Library. It is unfair for Macquarie students who pay fees to not have access to our libraries. I aim to introduce a policy of timed access passes for high school students at our libraries.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

I feel that the major difficulty the SRC faces is commitment from its members. It is important that all members of the body work hard to properly represent the students voice. If we all work together to push for change on campus, we are more likely to see results. If SRC members treat the job too lightly we’ll all be poorer from their lack of effort.

Ricky Cheung

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Udai Kamath

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Sarah McCabe is a fourth year student studying a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts. She is a caffeine-dependent life form than rarely sees the sun, but when she does, it’s because she is getting involved with student groups and committees on campus.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

The SRC is the most direct opportunity for students to communicate their ideas to the university. I was inspired to run as a candidate because I often heard friends and colleagues express discontent about student representation at Macquarie: People are increasingly disillusioned by the lack of transparency surrounding the SRC and student committees more broadly. People are concerned and rightly so. I aim to fix this.

How will you do this?

The specific policies I would implement to achieve this include:

Creation of a platform for non-SRC students: I will hold regular meetings on campus and create an online forum for students not on the SRC to express their concerns, and will communicate this on the SRC. This would happen as frequently as the SRC meetings occur. (Constitutionally that’s a minimum of 4 per year, but typically these meetings occur at least once a month). This would actively include discussing how student SSAF’s are spent.

Increase transparency: There is a need for SRC meetings to be accessible. I would actively push for student groups and publications such as Grapeshot to be able to have regular access to SRC meetings, and to be able to report on SRC meeting content.

Apply for the position of Treasurer: The SRC budget is $200,000. The position requires someone not only with enthusiasm, but experience. I am a Business student, but additionally have strong experience with student groups on campus. I have served as the Treasurer of the Macquarie University Debating Society, the Vice President in 2015 and now again in 2017, and have served on the Major Student Association (MSO).

Shorten SRC terms: I would actively raise discussion about the shortening of SRC terms. The length of an SRC term is two years, which means many students completing 3 year degrees are systematically shut out of SRC participation.

I strongly believe the SRC should not be dominated by campaigns from political student societies with large networks. It should be filled with candidates that will listen to what the everyday student wants on campus. The SRC needs someone to speak to students on a regular basis, not just at election time. I want to be that candidate.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

Student politics at Macquarie has a colourful past. I am pleased by the university’s recent efforts to clean up the election process by promoting fairness and addressing breaches of policies. However, the SRC still has a lot of work to do in finding its feet as an organisation: For the most part, students still feel disconnected from the SRC. If the members of the SRC, and those involved in student politics generally, want people to support them, they’re going to have to seek out actual students. And when they find those students they’ll have to be humble and listen to them for two years, long after the election is over and voting has closed.

Karl Stewart VOICE

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Jack Tam

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Waqar Younas

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