Nominees: Arts


Ivan de Vulder VOICE

Ivan de Vulder (better known as Ivee), is the bald, brash, bearded, mature age, honest, tattooed bloke who is working towards a BA in Politics, & is the 2017 President of ‘The Big Lift’. He adores movies, being in the know, loving his dogs (Scout & Louis), winning as an Oddfather and being a good friend.
 If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve? 
Firstly, my aim, always, is to Bolster (one of my favourite words) students across the Campus.
As part of the VOICE for MQ Team, I am united in the goals of
– ensuring Ubar is protected, with the impending redevelopment of the HUB.
– more TEXTBOOKS in the Library
– Bringing back the Breakfast Bar
– Cheaper, and more, Parking
– Fairer Assessment Procedures
– Auto Text Alerts for Cancelled Tutes or Lectures
Naturally, if elected, as a representative I would also bring up suggestions that students bring forward to me.
I also want to ensure that the SRC, the Academic Senate, the University Council and all University staff from the Vice Chancellor down, ALWAYS have as their First Aims, to be FAIR, HONEST & KIND.
I also hope to be a strong advocate for an ever-increasing focus on Mental Health across the Campus. Which also means reminding everyone to have some Fun, for it is the nectar of life!
How will you do this?
By using a skill that, thankfully, comes naturally to me; Empathy.
With that I will be able to listen and then discuss the goals that I believe will benefit all students.
Negotiations are bound to occur. However, as I am steadfast in representing the Students best interests, any and all discussions will be backed by an assurance of Undergraduate advocacy at all times.
I will always be united with those who also support my belief in doing what’s best, fairest and compassionate for the Student Body.
Even with some of the serious stuff that I may face as an SRC representative, I will always conduct myself as a Friend.
(‘Being a Friend’, has a very special & strong resonance in the way I choose to interact with the world. A friend helps, is considerate of others, will listen, will guide, will hug, and will stand up for what is right. I have believed this since I was 7 years old, when I sat in a Cinema on Pitt St, and watched an alien with a big ‘S’ on his chest, reply to the introductory question of who he was by simply stating “a Friend”)
 What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?
As a mature age student I have watched how students are often unduly in the receivership of unconscious bias, simply because of their younger age.
I believe that this obstacle will be less impactful ahead, as I will call it out, and as I’ve got a few more years under my belt,  the age bias will be awoken and escorted out of the room.
I also believe that an old trait that can happen within any administrative body, ie those at the top of the Hierarchical Academic food chain (or any individual, for that matter) is that of becoming stagnant, particularly if their is a fear of being let down due to past experiences.
I’ll always strive to stand up against the mentality of ‘once bitten, twice shy’ and advocate to treat student representatives, and the SRC as a whole, by its current merits.
There’s also a risk of a little too much seriousness in getting things done.
I will always offer good humour, wit and wonder to fuel a better, happier and hopeful SRC.

Dee Zegarac ALL1ANCE

An avid coffee drinker, Dee is the Queen of multitasking and being everywhere at the same time. She isn’t afraid to give anything a go and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Cash her ousside how bout dah? Loves politics, food and Netflix.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

We’re busy people and don’t have time to waste with second rate student services. These are the policy areas I want to focus on if elected.

– Parking availability and paying less for parking

– Wi-f­i strength

– Maintaining our study areas

– Consultation times with tutors available outside of work hours.

– More summer school options.

– More PAL services, including for later year courses.

– Phone reception in the library.

– Late night access to the Library and study areas

– Explore the option of weekend tutorials

We currently live in a 24 hour society and our services need to work outside of normal working hours. Let’s make our University a place where we can best balance our work, study and play.

How will you do this?

I have extensive experience working in bureaucratic environments and I’ve seen first-hand the temptations of delaying and halting projects. However, if you do your research, prepare strong positions and bring your stakeholders along with you during the process, you give yourself the best chance of success. We need to cut through the red tape of bureaucracy and get the best outcomes for students as efficiently as possible. We’ve seen success at Macquarie for students before and there’s no reason we can’t continue to build on that.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead? 

The biggest group on campus that aren’t represented are those doing full time/part time work. As the costs of living and job competition rises students will increasingly wish to balance study alongside work. The SRC needs to actively reach out to these students. Improving flexibility for students, increasing outreach and putting on activities during at off peak times, has to be a priority.

Mitchell Frater-Baird LIBERATE

Mitchell Frater-Baird is studying a Bachelor of Arts with a degree of Bachelor of Laws. He like all students is keen for a better, cheaper, and freer Uni experience.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

I will seek to reduce the universities regulation of student groups; these student groups should be left to govern as they see fit with, only the minimum regulation. This will allow the student societies to focus on the students and engage with them rather than focusing on complying with copious rules. At Macquarie, few students are aware of the role the SRC plays in Uni life. This is partly due to the lack of student involvement and oversight of issues. Regarding the allocation of funds, I will seek to create an even more transparent SRC. These funds should be geared towards projects that help improve the experience of the maximum number of students. As such I would not support the spending of Student Services and Amenities fees on fairy lights over Walley’s walk while we have lecture theatres that have broken tables and chairs. The money should also be used towards providing more practical seating for students. One of the main aims I have if elected is to stop any move towards the creation of a student Union. This would be a backwards step for Macquarie University; a student union would be an impractical and inefficient form of governance. It would lead to increased fees for students and would generate a situation were the student money is spent on political activism for certain issues. Issues the diverse Macquarie student body would not all agree on. I will seek to create other channels, more effective than a Union, for students to have their voice heard.

How will you do this?

1. Propose changes to the rules governing Student groups to the University.
2. Encourage spending of Student Services and Amenities fees on maintenance around the University.
3. Resist all moves to establish a Student Union and develop alternative structures to represent Students.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

The most significant issue for the SRC in the future is making sure that it does not begin extreme policing of the language and behaviour of students as many universities across the United States and some in Sydney have begun doing. Macquarie University must never become a place where rioters and protestors shut down an event simply because they disagree with others views. The SRC must always help the University create an environment where academic freedom thrives. The SRC must continue growing its ability to positively impact the lives of Students.