Macquarie University Council: VIRAJ SINGH



What degree are you studying?

I am currently in the second year of my Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting Degree

What inspired you to initially run for the SRC?

I have acquired 4 years of Student Council and representative experience through my passion and commitment to serve students by striving to enhance education quality and opportunities for success provided to community.

If elected, what aspects of university life do you intend to improve?

Student welfare:

  • Continuous performance review for students throughout the semester and providing feedback post semester on their final exams.
  • Increase the awareness of a student’s right to review their overall and final assessment performance.
  • Implement mandatory procedures to provide easy access to personal review and guidelines to improve in specific areas.
  • Transparency surrounding the calculation for the end of semester Standardised Numerical Grade.
  • Mid-day Meal Program
  • Increased availability of university books and reference material.
  • Painless assessment extension procedures which aids students through their time in difficulty.
  • Quicker turnaround periods for extension outcomes.


  • Campaign for the access of tertiary education for students. It is imperative that the government provides financial support to students; deregulating student fees will lead to significant study fee increase.


  • Upgrade lecture theatre facilities. We spend 8 hours a week on average in lecture theatres and having to sit broken seats and missing desks is cumbersome. Amenities such as charging points are either absent or unusable.
  • Provide the student’s voice for a greener planet by campaigning for environmentally friendly facilities and amenities.

How will you do this?

The University Council and Academic Senate provides students to be represented and have their opinions voiced. Having over two years of experience with student policy enables me to lobby for the best course of action. Having had prior experience to shape academic policy, strategise key issues pertaining to student welfare I believe I can bring about the change we all wish to see.

Students don’t get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and often fare gravely in subsequent assessments. I shall not only bring this to light but provide a plan to enable continuous feedback so that our peers are ready and confident to take on the next challenge. The Academic Senate is the principal academic body in the university and its ability to implement and oversee these changes will be highly beneficial to our current and future student community.

2.9 million people live below the international Poverty Line. A huge way to do so is providing them with access to free meals. I propose on implementing a plan similar with the Indian Governments’, which helped increase the percentage of students enrolled in school significantly. Following on to that, I propose use the University Council as a platform to engage the executive office bearers in providing public support to support our campaign against deregulation.

What difficulties do you feel the SRC faces on the road ahead?

The SRC has done a great job to bring about changes for our student community with respect to the platform that was provided to them. However, as elected representatives for 40,209 students, our job is to implement undergraduate and postgraduate policies that would benefit both domestic and international students covering issues on education, accessibility, welfare, safety and sustainability.

Without additional committees and specific interest departments we would fail in our aim to benefit all our peers. Thus, I believe we need increased representation, budget and autonomy the SRC to increase its direct benefits to the students at Macquarie University.

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Note: Responses have been edited down to maintain clarity. 

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