AskMQ Becomes a Centralised System


Words || Tess Connery

The AskMQ system was introduced to Macquarie University in October 2011, and has been the first stop for student enquiries since then. While initially the AskMQ system was faculty specific, a recent overhaul has seen the system become centralised.

The centralisation of AskMQ has resulted in a bottle-necking of the system, and potentially longer wait times for students’ questions to be answered. Some students have complained of waiting up to two months to hear back from AskMQ, which becomes an issue for students requesting time sensitive information, such as Obstruction to Study information.

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) Peter Keegan, told Grapeshot that a turnover period of up to two months was “not desirable by any stretch of the imagination”, and that he would be “hoping for a much quicker turnover”. He said that potential cause for the time delay could be tied to the staff member that the request had been forwarded to.

The AskMQ system is unable to process whether or not a staff member has been replaced, or whether they’re on leave, meaning that there is potential for the student enquiries to be sent to an email that is not being regularly monitored.

A tracking system is in place within the AskMQ system that generates a digital paper trail therefore officials have the ability to observe where the failure to deal with the request occurred.