UPDATE: No progressive candidate for Council, Voice fails to nominate


Grapeshot has been informed by Governance that following the close of nominations on the 13th of April, and the Easter break, on Tuesday the 18th of April an eligibility criteria check identified that Lachlan McGrath was ineligible for election to the Macquarie University Council (MUC).

An anonymous source informed Grapeshot that McGrath was not eligible for candidacy as he is not officially enrolled in any units.

Following this correspondence, Governance than spoke with McGrath about submitting a complaint. Such measures were offered because Governance had previously informed McGrath that he was eligible for the election. By the time his eligibility was flagged however, McGrath and the Voice ticket were unable to submit another candidate as it was a week after the nomination cut off. This is the second incident in which Governance services has mishandled the 2017 elections.

Instead of filing a complaint McGrath opted to seek advice from the Returning Officer, Deidre Anderson.

The major delay in the release of the MUC candidate list was also affected by the Anzac Day break and Deidre Anderson’s involvement with graduation, meaning that talks could not be held until yesterday afternoon.

The current member for MUC, Kieren Ash was also a Voice candidate in the 2015 election, however McGrath’s ineligibility and Governance’s failure to flag this within the necessary time frame means there will be no opportunity for another progressive candidate to take the reigns.

Grapeshot has requested a comment from McGrath and Governance Services.