UPDATE: Release of Council and Academic Senate candidates 3 days late


Grapeshot contacted Governance Services at 1:30 pm yesterday and was informed that candidates for the Macquarie University Council (MUC) and Academic Senate (AS) would be released at 5 pm.

The candidates’ names are yet to be released, despite the website explaining that these details would be provided by the 24th of April.

Again, Grapeshot contacted the Governance Officer and the Head of Governance Services about the delay, as well as the omission of candidates nominated for certain appointed positions on the SRC from the list of nominees that was posted on the Tuesday night.

Grapeshot was told the following:

“We updated the Senate elections page yesterday but due to the caches issue which is beyond our control the page content is not updated. We have contacted the Web Team and hope it would be resolved by this afternoon.”

You can view the Senate candidates information by typing in _nocache at the end of the URL.


“In regards to the Council candidates and SRC candidates for appointed positions, we will get back to you shortly.”

Additionally, Grapeshot has requested that Governance Services explain the delay for information on candidates for the MUC and candidates for appointed positions on the SRC.

UPDATE: In regards to whether individuals going for appointed positions will be made public, the Governance Officer says that the election rules does not require the University to make this information public, despite that it has been made public in the past. The official comment is below:

“The SRC Election Rules does not prescribe that this is the case for appointed candidates as they go through an interview process with the independent Selection Panel members instead of gaining student votes. As such, we only publish the successful appointed candidates on the website at a later stage.”

Grapeshot has also been informed that due to an “outstanding matter under consideration by the Returning Officer” nominees for MUC will not be made public until further notice. The Officer also noted they are still having website issues.