Macquarie University Council: A David and Goliath Story


Each student election one “lucky” candidate is elected to the Macquarie University Council and oh boy is it a lonely place to be. The Council is the University’s governing body and it’s packed full of VIPs like the Chancellor Michael Egan, Deputy Chancellor, Elizabeth Crouch and Vice Chancellor, Bruce Dowton. This one student is tasked with negotiating and consulting with the head honchos and ideally, improving the student experience across the board. Since 2015 Kieren Ash has served as this one student member.

But now it’s time to elect someone fresh, ready and informed. Being the Student Council member is no easy task. As Grapeshot has documented over the past ten years, the University doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to REALLY listening to students. Instead, internal reports reveal that the University’s relationship with student representation is merely advisory, which just doesn’t cut it.

So in the spirit of a true David vs Goliath story, we give you the Macquarie University Council nominees for 2017, Godspeed!

One (1) student member to University Council

Alistair Booth
Masoud Nouri
Cissy Shen ALL1ANCE
Viraj Singh

Note: Grapeshot will be reporting more on each of these candidates over the coming two weeks. This is an introductory article.