The Academic Senate – Have a say in what you study!


According to the Academic Senate Rules, the Academic Senate is ‘the principal academic body in the University’. It’s the body in charge of the organisation of the academic experience at Macquarie – they decide on units, course requirements, and how many marks it’s going to cost you to go on a bender rather than work on that assessment due Monday night. As well as elected members of faculty staff, each faculty has a student Undergraduate and a Postgraduate representative, who are elected by the student body. Who YOU vote into these positions decides on who argues the student perspective in these areas.

One Undergraduate Student Member from the Faculty of Business and Economics to the Academic Senate

Andy Dong
Geeth Geeganage
Viraj Singh

One Postgraduate Higher Degree Research Student Member to the Academic Senate

Audrey Markowskei

Note: There are limited positions up for grabs as current Academic Senate representatives are still continuing their terms into 2017-2018. This means that the Senate election for this year only concerns those study in the Faculty of Business and Economics and those pursuing Postgraduate Higher Degree Research.

If you’d like to reach out to your representatives in the Senate, here’s the list!

Undergraduate member for the Faculty of Arts

Paris Manson

Undergraduate member for the Faculty of Human Sciences

Cissy Shen

Undergraduate member for the  Faculty of Science and Engineering

Simon Populin

Student Representative for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Thomas Hedl

Member for Postgraduate – Coursework

Soujanya Datta and Brayden Jones