Macquarie University Village Residence Vandalised with Faeces

Image Credit: ABC

Last Thursday night, March 2, a residence at the Macquarie University Village was vandalised while the tenants were attending a Ubar party. On Friday morning, the tenants discovered what appeared to be human faeces smeared on the walls, urine on the washing machine, and a lamp that had been smashed.

One of the tenants contacted Grapeshot and voiced their disappointment towards the Village’s response, or lack thereof.

“I am appalled at the management’s response,” they told Grapeshot. ‘Instead of checking out the damage, checking for our wellbeing as it may have been a targeted attack, following adequate OH&S and vandalism procedures or showing any sort of interest in helping us, their response was, someone probably left the door open, not our problem.”

Once contacted, a customer service agent from the village responded to the tenants’ complaint with, “I informed the village manager and unfortunately it is your responsibility to clean it up. One of your housemates came to admin and according to him someone left the door open, it is something that we cannot control.” Our source insists that each of the housemates reported that they had not left a door open.

In response, another resident of the village e-mailed: “Living in the vicinity of another human’s filth is a health risk. Once you were made aware of the situation, you did not send over a staff member check for any health risks that this could cause. You did not follow your adequate procedures for vandalism. You did not check for the safety of us.”

No response was made to this e-mail, but after the tenants visited the Village Admin, they were told the place would be cleaned on Monday for a fee of $50 – the faeces had remained on the walls for four days.

The resident of Macquarie Village commented that management “showed no respect towards a lot of their tenants, and no interest in resolving [the issue.]”

Grapeshot received the following response from the Macquarie University Village’s Regional General Manager: “MUV takes resident security extremely seriously by the provision of 24/7 onsite security presence, perimeter fencing and electronic door locking systems.  The village provides an independent living environment for its residents, which assumes a level of personal responsibility for their own wellbeing.  The village condemns any act of vandalism, and would expect all members of the MUV community of students to work with management and the police, to identify those responsible and ensure they are dealt with appropriately.”