Islamophobic Attack at Macquarie University


Mrs Alamudi, a Muslim woman who was preparing to celebrate her completion of a medical science degree at Macquarie University with her husband Mr Alamudi, was stared down by a fellow student in the university car park on Friday. Confused by the situation, Mrs Alamudi smiled and waved at the woman.

According to a Facebook post by Mr Alamudi, the woman then stuck up her rude finger and ran towards the car. A video filmed by Mrs Alamudi shows the woman verbally harassing the couple and telling Alamudi to take her niqab off, saying ‘fuck you, take it off’.

The recording of the incident shows the attacker continuing to demand that the Muslim woman to take her niqab off, bash on the windows, and call the Macquarie graduate a ‘terrorist’.

PLEASE WATCHNOTE: All racist comments will be deleted. The reason we're posting this is to identify racism/discrimination, not further it. By making racist comments, you're only adding to the problem.Yesterday, a special occasion for my wife and I, with her completing her final exam in her medical science degree. We were super excited to make our way out of the university to go celebrate.However, things took a sudden shift… for the worse. As we were quietly minding our own business, my wife sharing how she aced her exam, there was a lady staring at us … viciously… from a distance.As we entered the car, my wife (who wears an Islamic veil – niqab) decides to smile politely and wave innocently at the lady assuming everything was good… This is where the entire situation just turned upside down. The lady flips it and sticks her middle finger right at us! Me, being completely dumbfounded “Ah, Is everything ok?!”. At this point, she blows up in a rage… starts pointing at my wife and screaming “F**k you! Take it off!!” (referring to my wife’s veil). She then runs towards our car and I urge my wife to lock her door and start recording if anything happens…The video will tell you the rest of the story… she keys my car, pounds on my window and continues to hurl racial and discriminatory slurs at my wife “Take it off! You Muslim Terrorist! Who the f**k are you?”I refused to just brush off the situation knowing that she may harm other people on campus who are identifiably Muslim.I only reacted after she was going to snap off my wipers (it was a rainy day!) I moved the abusive woman away from my wife until several witnesses assisted in the attempt to neutralize her till security came. My wife stopped recording to call security. Here is the witnesses video ( make matters worse, after her being forced away by Macquarie uni security (who did an excellent job), did we all suddenly realize she had an infant in the car! Her hate clearly held priority over her child.The abusive woman who, unfortunately, is a student at Macquarie University. I have complete trust that the university they will take the necessary measures to prevent this harm occurring to other students.Unfortunately, this type of Islamophobia isn't isolated to this one individual and incident. Rather, it is an overarching systematic issue in our society that continues to be bred by the propaganda of some media and some politicians. Dehumanizing Muslims. This is the problem.An unfavorable circumstance for my wife and I, However, I'm at least glad this happened to us as opposed to another innocent person who may not have been capable of defending themselves.

Nai-post ni Ramzy Alamudi noong Sabado, Enero 21, 2017


Mr Alamudi decided to get out of the car once the woman attempted to break his windscreen wipers. He then moved the woman away from his wife, with the assistance of witnesses, until security came.

Other witness footage demonstrates the attacker insisting that wearing the niqab in Australia is illegal, after which she demands to see the Muslim woman’s ID.

Once security arrived the attacker apparently said that she acted out of fear for herself and her son, as she didn’t know what could be hiding under the woman’s dress.

PLEASE WATCH!!Never in my life have I been unfortunate enough to witness such repulsive behavior from one human being to another.Getting in my car at a Macquarie University car park this afternoon I noticed an altercation between a man of middle eastern ethnicity and an Asian woman, pushing and shoving each other, both calling out for help. As myself and another bystander approach the two, we made the shocking discovery that this poor man was actually trying to fight off this woman from his wife, who was sitting inside their car behind him. This deranged woman had the nerve to attack his wife because of the burka she was dressed in, claiming she 'didn't feel safe' around people like her. She was demanding this man show her some form of ID, calling out that she didn't belong here, and that we shouldn't let her walk around freely because we didn't know what she could have hiding under her dress. The whole time this woman was having her rant, her baby was sitting in her unlocked car, meters from where she was hurling abuse. Yes, she had left her infant child in the car to run over and launch herself at an innocent couple minding their business. It makes me feel sick to know we coexist in a world where this happens so frequently, people thinking they have the right to belittle someone else because of their race or religion – to see what absolute shit some people actually have to deal with. Just listen to the garbage she kept repeating!!I'm sorry ma'am, in my opinion the only ones who don't 'belong' here are racist people like yourself who have the nerve to discriminate and abuse innocent people. That is as un-Australian as they come.First hand footage from the incident:

Nai-post ni Emily Grace Guff noong Huwebes, Enero 19, 2017


The couple have spoken to the police in regards to the damage the attacker cause to their car, the physical harm to Mr Alamudi and hate speech. Unfortunately, in terms of the attacker’s discriminatory verbal abuse, the police informed the couple that there wasn’t anything they could charge her with.

When Grapeshot spoke with Mrs Alamudi today she had this to say:

‘I was scared of the thought of ever going back on campus. This woman did make me feel anxious. But after coming to terms with it, I realized that I should not let it be something that discourages me. There are many deranged and paranoid individuals out there. We need to take everything day by day with wisdom, calmness, and patience.’

The couple has served on the executive board for the Muslim Students Association between 2014-2015, where they worked closely with Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deidre Anderson. ‘They are aware of issues of Islamophobia we face as a community and hopefully ensure the safety of the students on campus by removing her,’ Mrs Alamudi says. Mr Alamudi has praised the effective action of the Macquarie University security personnel.

An official Macquarie University spokesperson has told Grapeshot: ‘Macquarie University can confirm that an incident involving three students took place on our North Ryde campus on Friday 20th January. On notification of the incident our trained security team attended the scene to assist and then immediately notified local police who were on site shortly thereafter. The matter is now under full investigation with the police. Macquarie University takes matters of this nature incredibly seriously. We are very proud of our diverse community and are committed to religious acceptance and the free expression of faith. A full review is currently underway.’

By recording the incident the couple hopes that people become more aware of how prevalent Islamophobia really is. Mrs Alamudi views the attack as a repercussion of the the political agenda of the Australian government, in addition to the way Muslims are portrayed in the media.

‘[The attacker] alone isn’t the issue, she is a product of the systematic racism of the media and political agendas of our country. The ideas that this woman holds are not something she just came up with, it was created by fear mongering and the dehumanisation of Muslims.’

UPDATE: The woman has been charged by police with damage of property and common assault. She will appear at Burwood Local Court on March 13.

  • Colin Hawkes

    Gotta laugh at this, the muslim woman isn’t the victim here, she’s the purpotrator, a lot worse would happen if a Christian was sitting in their car in their country, poor me she’s crying, zero sympathy for her, my fear isn’t born out if the media, it comes from the truth about these people, search and you will find the truth and then you’ll have a very different opinion about who the victims are.

    • Sammy boy

      Colin… I’m going to give you a wedgie bitch

      • Colin Hawkes

        Do what you like.

    • angela coral eisenhauer

      This has NOTHING to do with religion, or racism, just a misunderstanding. And some fella, who is so full of bull, he will probably make next PM>

      My god imagine what the story will be like now its got to MSN and tomorrow, will find out how this mistake, turns into an even bigger bullshit story.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Poor tiny chinese lady with her child, someone with a “”mask”” on terrifies her, do they have guns, are they going to harm her? They don’t have Islam in China, no one wears black masks. Why on earth, didn’t the lady explain, that is the clothing from where she comes from?
    On this fellas facebook page, this has grown even more, like a pinnocchio nose. “”she keyed my car”” “”she told my wife to take off her niqab”” “” she called us MUSLIM terrorists”” I doubt the poor chinese lady ever heard of a muslim or a niqab. Good god! Poor lady.

    • angela coral eisenhauer

      Where did the TWO men come from, I thought there was ONLY the husband in the car?

      • angela coral eisenhauer

        and where did the 2nd woman come from, now he says it wasn’t his wife filming, suddenly someone, a second woman is filming from the passenger side door? Coincidence? Can you seriously sit an end of year exam, without showing your body or your face. I spot a rat. A big one.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    keep recording, stay where you are, she need to be taught a lesson,…………then he refuses to drive away, and in his backup video, you can see he then gets out and assaults the lady? What is his problem? Male arrogance, yes. Nothing to do with religion or race, he is an obvious fuckwit. Two years on the MUSLIM students whatever, wow, took two years, for you rot fins anything? Hopefully he sucks it up, and apologises, for his misunderstanding of a lady saying “‘why you wear a mask”” and NOT allowing his missus, to get out and explain…….. this is how I dress. And then getting out, refusing to drive away, and assaulting the lady? wtf?

    • nabilags

      The husband assault the lady? Are you joking or serious right now? WHICH PART OF HER HUSBAND ACTION THAT ASSAULT THE LADY? what he did is just push the lady gently to stay away from his car. I believe if someone playing with your car wipers too you’ll ask them to go away. Don’t be stupid. And if you tell them that theybshould has explained. Tell me how the hell are you going to explain something to someone that is raging? The lady isn’t in her right mind, she won’t listen and digest what they’d say.

      • angela coral eisenhauer

        Assault::(1) A person who strikes, touches, or moves, or otherwise applies force of any kind to, the person of another, either directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent, or with the other person’s consent if the consent is obtained by fraud, or who by any bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply …
        Assault Laws in Australia: Definitions and Defences – FindLaw Australia

        • nabilags

          You know when you are talking about law or rules, you can’t take it literally the way it was written right? That is why you have court judge. Let me give you an example. 2 guys are fighting, and there is 1 man who trying to seperate them. When they seperate them, he has to push at least 1 person to stay away from the other person so they would stop fighting. In that scene, he ( the person who seperated them) has “touch, moves, or otherwise force of any kind to….. WITHOUT the other person’s content” right? So by the law, he has done an assault then? So he has to be charge then? You answer it yourself. And then “…if the consent is obtained by fraud ” this doesn’t apply to what happen between the muslim and the lady. Also “…..act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply…” and this ALSO you KNOW it that the man DIDN’T make ANY threaten gesture at all to the lady. I know that you know that. If you still say no, it’s either you’re in denial or you’re logic just aren’t there yet. You don’t have to reply anymore though, i don’t want to make this as a debate. Have a good day :)

          • angela coral eisenhauer

            Possible defences for Common Assault:

            Self Defence
            Self defence of another

            ????? In this instance, there was not two guys fighting. Please explain where his actions are excusable under any defence for common assault.

          • angela coral eisenhauer

            The punishment is 2 years jail, and a conviction. I hope he apologises to the lady. Publicly.
            I actually had a messenger chat with Mr Alamudi yesterday, yes he is considering these things, and does like the suggestion that he allows his wife, and the Asian lady, to actually have a rational adult discussion, perhaps his wife could actually explain why she wears a mask? How simple.

          • angela coral eisenhauer

   In case this fellow needs advice, best to speak to a lawyer, don’t you think?

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    His whole facebook profile, and timeline is fake, have a close look, 5 posts in 4 years, three of them all identical. (including the identical comments)……………

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    ”Other witness footage demonstrates the attacker insisting that wearing the niqab in Australia is illegal, after which she demands to see the Muslim woman’s ID. ”” OK where is the film, ??? it doesn’t exist obviously.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    “”Mrs Alamudi views the attack as a repercussion of the political agenda of the Australian government,””” wtf???????????? this is hilarious stuff.

  • angela coral eisenhauer digital marketing, and video productions, interesting.

    • angela coral eisenhauer

      Mr Alamudi works in digital marketing, and video, (1Islam). Supposedly head of a Muslim students group at the university (I thought Unis only had an International Students group?) and I would say has been patiently waiting two years hoping for an islamophobia “”attack”” the best he could get was a tiny chinese woman. He also sent a video worldwide, of his assault of that lady.

    • angela coral eisenhauer

      How strange, his publicity video, on facebook, you tube, for his presentation for digital marketing, suddenly removed, but it only got 300 views. His islamophobia “”press release”” by himself, got about one million views, job offers, and people wanting to buy the video of nutty chinese lady, slapping his car. Strange? He suddenly DOESNT want publicity, why not? He wanted LOTS OF PUBLICITY, when you did this grapeshot article………………..

  • Peter Williams

    This incident was manipulated by the moslems, filmed by the moslems, to show an “islamophobia attack” on some poor cowering moslems scared for their lives because they thought some 45-50kg little asian woman was going to beat them up or some such bullshit. All designed to take the news and the heat away from the islamic terrorist attack in Melbourne which has claimed the lives of innocent people including a 3 month old baby, and a 10 year old child.
    This sort of “fake news” happens every time after an islamic attack on Westerners.


  • angela coral eisenhauer

    More details emerge. Someone just sat an exam, full gear, only eyes showing or were even her eyes showing? Did she have to have facial recognition to do that exam? This sounds weirder and weirder. This is a uni magazine, can you sit an exam, without having to show your face, and prove who you are?