GRAPESHOT POSITIONS: Role descriptions + tacky gifs


As the majority of students set their sights on the boundless post-semester tequila shots and uninterrupted naps, we’re already getting our Grapeshot gameplan together for next year. We need a kick-ass, dedicated team to take the reins and help us continue our production of high quality, student-driven content in 2017.

Read on for a brief breakdown of all the roles available to give you a better idea of the positions available. If you’re still not sure what you’d like to go for, drop us a line on our Facebook page or email We’re also looking for editorial assistants, so if you’re keen to be involved but are short on time, there are opportunities available for you too.

If you already know what kind of role you’d be interested in, are enthusiastic about Grapeshot‘s content and are keen to dedicate a lot of blood, sweat and late nights into helping us produce the best student mag out, flick a cover letter and resumé to!


Current: Angela Heathcote

The Editor-in-Chief oversees every aspect of the magazine, from design and editorial, through to marketing. The Editor will usually be the person to set the theme, direct section editors and guide their content. They also act as the primary contact for the university, Campus Life and the student body. So when Grapeshot gets in trouble, the Editor-in-chief is 100% accountable.


Deputy Editor

Current: Amy Hadley

The Deputy Editor is more like a Deputy Sheriff. While the role of the Editor-in-Chief is to direct the content, the role of the Deputy is to execute it. The role requires superb leadership skills, for giving praise when due and kicking ass when needed. The Deputy Editor traces all loose ends and they are responsible for alerting the Editor-in-Chief when something falls through. Like the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy is all across all aspects of the magazine.


Creative Director

Current: Paden Hunter & Caitlin Thom

The Creative Director is responsible for the way Grapeshot looks. They illustrate and design each page of Grapeshot in coordination with the monthly theme. This requires someone who understands programs like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The Creative Director is also involved in assisting the Marketing Manager with ways to attract people to Grapeshot events and O-Week stalls.


News Editor 

Current: Alicia Scott

The News Editor compiles all the articles for the news section of the magazine. This includes newsflashes, Q&As and News-Features. The News Editor is also required to be on top of all Macquarie news and everything that happens on campus. The position requires someone who is thoroughly up to date with current affairs and is able to find new angles on old stories.


Features Editor 

The Features Editor is required to commission articles for the biggest section of the magazine. This requires someone who knows a little about everything so that Grapeshot is able to reach a wider audience with a range of different subject areas. The features editor will contact people for interviews and then offers these to Grapeshot contributors, or they will think of an angle and pitch it to a contributor. After this is completed the Features Editor is then required to edit or re-write final pieces wherever necessary.


Regulars Editor

Current: Phillip Leason

The Regulars Editor is required to commission articles for the Regulars and Repeat Offenders section of the magazine. Both Regulars and Repeat Offenders are more light-hearted in their content then the News and Features section. It requires a little more creativity and there’s plenty of room to experiment with content. The Regulars Editor is also required to take on a challenge each month set by the Grapeshot team. (This year the challenges involved Life Drawing classes, breaking into mental asylums and impromptu tattoos).


Online Editor 

Current: Angus Dalton

The Online Editor curates all the content for the Grapeshot website and maintains the website, keeping it as up-to-date as possible. While the magazine editors have monthly deadlines, the online editor is subject to daily deadlines. The position requires someone who understands online media and how to get as wide a reach as possible, who understands all different forms of writing – from photo journals to feature writing and a person who can adapt well to a faster type of journalism.


Marketing Manager

Current: Aura Lee

The Marketing Manager is the person who assures that people pick up Grapeshot every month. They are the person who gets the magazines off the dock and runs around campus filling all the stands on a regular basis. They are also in charge of all events held by Grapeshot. This includes brainstorming ideas with the Editor-in-Chief and orchestrating whole events, from food and drink, to performers. Most importantly, the Marketing manager runs O-Week from the Grapeshot side of things, assuring that the magazine attracts as much new interest as possible.


Advertising Manager

Current : Ellen Barrett

The Advertising Manager is responsible for ensuring that Grapeshot receives advertisements for each issue. They are the primary contact for advertising clients and are responsible for maintaining the Grapeshot Media Kit that is sent out to advertisers on a weekly basis. Grapeshot is a student magazine and so the advertising manager must also understand target advertising.


Apply now with a resume and cover letter or flick queries to! Grapeshot strongly encourages people from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to apply to represent the diversity of student voices on campus.