Get Your Costume Inspiration from this Insta Hallowqueen


If you’re struggling for inspo as the Halloweekend edges nearer, you’ve clicked on the right bait. Design graduate and self-taught makeup artist Claudia Hallett has been brewing up a Halloween look for every day of this month, leading up to the penultimate night of trick-or-treating/ copious alcohol consumption on October 31. Read on for tips and tricks from the artist herself and bask in the creepy glory of her quirky and horrifying looks. Catch them all at @claudia.hallet on Instagram!

When did you first become interested in makeup artistry?

My sister received some Australis eyeshadow for her birthday when I was about 10 years old and I remember always sneaking in when she wasn’t home and playing around with it. I think that sparked my interest. Years later I realised I could draw on my eyebrows and look like a regular human, and I was hooked.

Do you have any formal qualifications in makeup or design?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Design for Theatre and Television, but I’ve never formally studied makeup artistry.

How do you go about teaching yourself new skills and techniques?

Haha, a monumental amount of trial and error for the most part! If it’s something I’m semi-comfortable with, sometimes I just give it a shot, but if it’s something I’ve never attempted or don’t know where to start from I’ll look up techniques either on YouTube, Google or Instagram. There’s endless variations of techniques out there so I can sometimes patch two together and come up with a pretty decent result.

What franchises, characters, TV shows and movies are you a fan of?

I’m a huge dork when it comes to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Marvel and DC universes. TV wise I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Galavant, In the Flesh and Daredevil as well as literally any singing show. Rock Lee from Naruto is probably my favourite character out of anything I’ve watched. Him or Sansa from GoT.

Are there any artists you look up to?

I really admire Jordan Hanz, Goldie Starling and Ellimacs as MUAs. I also love Colin Christian’s insane works.

Has there been a highlight of your makeup artistry career so far?

This is going to be dorky, but Halloween is my best friend’s favourite time of year, so every year I do her makeup and it’s such a great feeling making someone close to me feel so happy through my craft. It’s a highlight working on her every Halloween.

What motivated you to embark on the #31DaysofHalloween challenge?

Mostly because I’m fairly lazy and needed something to focus on. The 31Days challenge makes me plan ahead, plan my time and focus my creativity onto a separate look each day.

What’s the hardest thing about executing a new look every day?

It’s not too bad usually but some days it is just super draining. You need to prepare yourself to invest so much time and effort into creating something and then bring yourself to wash it all off when it’s done, which sometimes sucks if it’s something you’re really proud of. Having makeup on every day is also pretty harsh on the skin, even if you take care of your skin.

How long does each look take you to complete?

It depends on what it is really. The paints generally range from around 2-3 hours up to 4-5 hours if it has heaps of details (or teeth). With the other looks generally 3 hours on average.

What’s your fav look so far?

My Pop-Art Zombie has been my favourite by far!

Which look do you think is the most terrifying?

Personally I reckon the Chelsea Grin/American Horror Story’s Black Dahlia was the scariest, but that’s a huge fear of mine, getting my mouth cut. Ew.

And what was the hardest one to pull off?

The Two Face/Harvey Dent look was super difficult and in the end I wasn’t even 100% happy with it, but it was something new and fun and I learnt a lot from it.

What are your most valuable tools?

My face cast and flip stand mirror for sure. The cast makes it so easy to see what you’re doing before you apply any prosthetics and the mirror with a magnified side makes it so much easier on the eye to do tiny details.

What’s an easy look to pull off for a novice artist who wants to impress this Halloween?

You can’t go wrong with a classic look, like a vampire or a zombie, which can be easy enough, but if you add your own personal twist (like a specific era, combination of injuries or using only one or two particular colours) it’s sure to impress. If you’ve got time to plan ahead and some latex and cotton pads there are so many options open for you- like boils, fake noses/eyebrows/chins, imbedded objects – literally anything you could think of.

Any general tips for aspiring cosplayers or makeup experts?

Moisturiser is a blessing, cream paints are a pain (water/alcohol activated ones are easier to use) and MAC prep+prime spray is amazing. Experiment a lot and show people your work, because even if you think it’s crap there’s always going to be someone who sees it and thinks it’s amazing and that can do wonders for your creativity and confidence. Trust your creativity.

What was the last song you listened to?

‘She’s Out of Her Mind’- Blink 182 (soooo good).

Last book you read?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (for the 100th time).

Last movie you watched?

Can’t remember – I’ve been bulk-watching Naruto and Luke Cage though.

Are you willing to reveal what your final Halloween look will be? (If not, can you give us a clue?)

I’m hoping to pull off a bigger makeup than what I’ve previously done, something that covers torso and my whole head… If all goes according to plan it should have something to do with buttons.