Article ideas for our last issue of 2016: PROM NIGHT


PROM NIGHT is your last chance to appear in the print edition of Grapeshot this year (although we’re always open to submissions for online articles!). With the mid-sem break hopefully affording you a brief oasis of spare time, we thought we’d throw some ideas at you to get you inspired to contribute.


  • Creative horror stories. Most of all we just want great fiction for our creative section, but if your story has a creepy/gory/monstrous/murderous bent that would be fantastic. Blood-splattered or bullet-riddled poetry is also encouraged.
  • Movie reviews for recent horror movies like Blair Witch or Don’t Breathe.
  • An article that investigates the Luna Park Ghost Train Fire of 1979, in which six children and an adult died.
  • Memoir pieces about a near-death experience you’ve had, school formals gone wrong or a terrifying event in your life.
  • An article that investigates the nature of ‘School Formals’ as an Aussie right of passage, perhaps looking at the heteronormative presumptions surrounding the idea of ‘Prom King & Queen’ and the ‘date’ culture of formals.
  • Opinion pieces about current affairs, like:
    • The recent Triple J discussions about shifting their Hottest 100 event away from Australia Day.
    • A media review about the reporting surrounding the recent poll that apparently demonstrates 49% of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration.
    • What the Australian Human Rights Commission into sexual assault on university campuses has uncovered so far.

If you’d like to tackle one of these issues, or you’ve come up with your own frightening and fantastic idea, get in touch with us at

We’re also looking for ‘Macquarie Uni Horror Stories’ for an online segment, so if you’ve ever been fucked over, frustrated or fed up by the place we call Uni (or you just have a plain ol’ Macquarie ghost story!) get in contact with our Online Editor or message the Grapeshot Facebook page.


^ Us waiting for your submissions ^