Grapeshot Calendar: Our picks for The Sydney Fringe Festival


Australia Street: Portraits from the Inner West

Photographer Zahn Pithers presents a series of portraits of the gaudy and grungy personalities snapped wandering down Australia St, Newtown. Subjects range from The Presets‘s Julian Hamilton to a dirt biker named Scruff.

7am-5pm until 30 Sept | Various Locations| More info

Lord of the Strings

Matthew Fagan is Australia’s leading multi-instrumentalist on strings. He takes on the world’s greatest hits – from Bach to the Beatles to whatever songs the audience decide to yell out – on a banjo, a 10-string Spanish guitar, a steel-string Celtic guitar and the humble ukulele.

29-30 Sept & Oct 1, 8:30pm | The Seymour Centre | More info

Europe Won’t Fix You

‘Go to Europe they said. It will be fun they said. Well I went to Europe and came back fat, sad, and with a questionable rash.’ See an anti-finding yourself play about four friends whose Europe trip isn’t all fab Insta pics, but rather disillusionment and debt.

23, 24 Sept | Emerging Artists’ Hub, Erskinville | More info

From Star Trek to the Southern Cross with Andreea Kindryd

Andreea Kindryd is an African American Australian comedian who worked as a production assistant on the original Star Trek series. She tells of her encounters with Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X with hilarious and captivating storytelling.

22 Sept, 8:00pm | Imperial Hotel | More info

Musical of Thrones

This bloody cabaret pays homage to the most popular TV show of all time while unashamedly taking the piss in spectacular musical fashion. Whether the death of each Stark is made more or less painful when accompanied by jovial show tunes is yet to be seen.

24-25 Sept, 5pm & 9pm | New Theatre | More info

A Play with Vampires

A new absurdist comedy about the world’s most insufferable immortals, Albert and Jameson, who are having existential crises about the Three E’s: eternity, enraged peasants and each other. It might even be better than Twilight.

22-24 Sept, 8:30pm | Off-Broadway Festival Hub | More info here