Good News Everyone! Changes to MQ Uni’s Assessment Policy


You know that one dickhead in every group assignment who leaves you wondering why the HELL they’re so intent on racking up a life-long HECS debt while showing absolutely zero fucking willingness to contribute any effort or work all semester?

And if by some God-given chance they manage to cough up anything in contribution to your group assignment, it’s likely as plagiarised and poorly written as a speech by Melania Trump?

Are YOU that dickhead?


QUAKE WITH FEAR, HEATHEN. The upper echelons of Macquarie Uni (I imagine they all look somewhat like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama) have updated the Assessment Policy, with a few significant changes that will take effect in Semester 2:

  • For every group-work assessment, at least 50% of the mark will be devoted to an individual grade for each participant. So no more free rides, bludgers.
  • Assessments will be designed to further promote academic honesty and prevent plagiarism (soz Melania).
  • The minimum number of assessments for each unit has been reduced from three to two.
  • Hurdle assessments (‘activities for which a minimum level of performance or participation is a condition of passing the unit in which it occurs’, as defined by Lia Saunders) can be attempted again if initially failed, as long as a serious first attempt has been submitted. Yas!

We leave you with wise words from Michelle Melania T herself.


This info was acquired from a fab post on Teche (Macquarie University’s Learning and Teaching Blog), written by Olga Kozar. Check it out here.

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