Shooting with 35mm Film


Artist Statement || Amanda Burgess

I have been shooting with 35mm film for almost a year now. Two things influence my work as a photographer: the hardcore music scene and the close bonds I have with my friends who live interstate.

I aim to create an element of nostalgia within my photographs, moments don’t last forever – but your film negatives do. I shoot with film because it truly captures the moment as it unfolds and unlike DSLR photography, each photograph has a substantial amount of meaning through the process of carefully selecting what to photograph and how. Anyone can take a good photo on a digital camera.

Film is not easy. That’s why I shoot with film – to add value to what I’m choosing to take photos of. It’s very DIY and unconventional and that’s what draws me to it. By going to hardcore shows, I’ve met so many creative people who shoot with film and they have influenced me immensely. Every person I have taken a photo of I have met at a hardcore show. Hardcore music and the people involved in the scene are a constant inspiration and the “PMA” is what keeps my artistic process alive. Go to an op shop, buy a $4 camera, take photos of your friends (and listen to your local hardcore bands).