Zine Making with Natasha Michels


Words || Natasha Michels

Making zines is one of my favourite pastimes and goes hand in hand with my other beloved hobbies of hoarding vintage paper and weird kitsch craft items. Zines (pronounced zeens) can be pretty much anything, there are no hard and fast rules on content or even how they are made, embodying the DIY ethos and making them a great medium for creative output. Generally, zines are described as self-published, small-circulation books, papers or websites that can deal with any subject matter. I got into them during my Kathleen Hanna phase back in high school which, alongside me listening to all things riot grrrl, was coupled by me sporting a self-cut mullet and combat boots. Yes, I was a dork. But that’s the best thing about zines – they’re dorky. They’re non-pretentious and can say whatever the hell you want, whether it be political message that is bursting out of your very being or something a little silly. I recently received a zine titled A Brief But Intense Infatuation and included inside the book was a little envelope filled with questions and blank spaces for me to fill concerning my crushes from over the years, and the creator’s address attached. It might seem a little crazy but I filled out those two A4-pages and I love the fact that a complete stranger now knows some intimate details about me, and that a connection has been created all through the use of a A6 booklet filled with poetry and collages. Within this months issue of Grapeshot you’ll find a little zine I’ve created titled The Little Book of Calm (Black Books reference intended). I made it pocket sized so you can take it around with you whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious. Above I’ve included some instructions on how to make the booklet (I promise it will be fun) but if you’re having any problems feel free to hit me up.